The Callisto Protocol's Japanese Version Has Been Canceled Due To Its Violent Content

The Callisto Protocol’s Japanese variation is canceled as a result of the game’s violent content and score it received in Japan, or absence thereof, because of this. 

This news arises from The Callisto Protocol’s Japanese Twitter account, which reveals your game couldn’t attain an age score with CERO (which will be Japan’s comparable to america’ ESRB score). Because of this, it can not be permitted to launch as is within the nation. Some tips about what the studio must state, as translated by Eurogamer

“The Callisto Protocol has made a decision to stop the production associated with the Japanese variation. As of this moment, the CERO score can not be passed away. We’ve determined that people would not have the ability to give you the experience you will need. Develop everyone else in Japan will comprehend. For those who have currently preordered, we are going to refund you.” 

As you can view, The Callisto Protocol won’t be releasing in Japan since it appears Striking Distance will not desire to alter or modify this content of its game to fall more in accordance with CERO reviews. Provided exactly how terrifying Japanese horror are, it appears The Callisto Protocol is cooking up one thing frightening. 

For more concerning the game, check out Game Informer’s exclusive protection hub the Callisto Protocol. 

[Source: Eurogamer]

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