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  • Do you need the address of the new restaurant that has opened in town? You are going to check it on Google Maps. Aren’t you? Well, Google Maps is extensively used, and why not? The internet has made paper maps redundant anyway. However, Google algorithms might make your data vulnerable to cyber-attacks which is why you might be thinking of switching to its alternatives. But what are the alternatives and what are their features?
  •  If you are a huge fan of online maps, you should read on.
  •  In this post, we will be covering the best alternatives to Google Maps and their features.

What are the best alternatives to Google Maps?

In this section, we will be talking about the best alternatives to Google Maps that are available now and their features:

 1) OpenStreetMap – OpenStreetMap is one of the best browser-based open-source maps available currently which is why it has been featured on our list of best alternatives to Google Maps. Anybody can edit it and add information. It stands out as far as ease of use is concerned. You will be surprised to know that you can save routes on OpenStreetMap. Not only that you can get help with directions, include comments and use elements like Cycle Map and Transport Map. Its only disadvantage is it can be used on the web and does not have a dedicated app.

 2) Pocket Earth – This app can be used only on iOS devices and you will be surprised to know that it uses data from OpenStreetMap (first in our list) and provides you with accurate directions to help you reach your destination. You can download maps and you can even include extra information or updates. You can even link it to Wikipedia to know about different areas on your map. Are you ready to shell out 4.99 GBP? If yes, you can even get topographical maps which will help you understand locations and directions better.

 3) Citymapper – Citymapper has an edge as far as compatibility with operating systems is concerned as it can be used on Android, iOs, and the web. However, its features are not as vast as Google Maps and it helps you with directions across the cities of the world using only public transport. The database that it uses is kept up-to-date and it also shows rates and alerts. You can even prepare a list of your favorite locations that you would want to go to.

 4) – can be used on multiple operating platforms – iOS, Android, and the web. You can get any travel and direction-related information you want like traffic updates, public transport routes and modes, and cycling directions. It features in our list of alternatives to Google Maps because it allows users to download maps offline in case your mobile data does not work. Even if you are hiking you can use it to get hiking trails around the globe. Do you want to send your trip or hike to your friend? You can do so by simply bookmarking the same.

 5) Here WeGo – Here WeGo works on ios, Android devices, and the web too and is a serious competition/alternative to Google Maps. It contains directions, routes, and places to visit supporting 200 countries. Do you need rates for important public transport links in the areas of your interest? You can get it all on Here WeGo. The most amazing feature of Here WeGo is it lets you know about the conditions on routes on the basis of information like police reports, Twitter feeds, construction sites, speed cameras. Do you need a faster route? Here We Go will help you get access to the same. Did you know you could even get directions while being offline with Here WeGo?

 6) BackCountry Navigator – While traveling on the mountainside or through dense forests, all you need is a topographical map like BackCountry Navigator to help you be right on track thus making Google Maps sulk in jealousy. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest alternatives to Google Maps as it not only helps you with GPS but also lets you edit information like latitude and longitude coordinates of your location on it. It is the go-to app for hikers however, it is compatible with Android devices only.


If you love traveling and staying outdoors, the above alternatives to Google Maps will come in handy to help you out with navigation and routes. We say, “Be on the move and take any one of the above alternatives as your companion.” With online maps, you are never left alone in the wild. Happy Travelling!

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