Smite, the long term mythology-themed MOBA, is having a crossover occasion with RuneScape (starts in brand new tab), that dream MMO in which everybody seems like Andross from celebrity Fox. You realize usually the one, a astonishing number of individuals created between 1991 and 1998  have ton of nostalgia for this? The piece de opposition could be the addition of Gnome Child, a wee fey scamp that has starred in internet memes (starts in brand new tab) for more than a ten years.

The crossover occasion is including RuneScape-themed skins for several figures, including Cerberus, Merlin, Bellona, and Neith. Vamana, the Fifth Avatar of Vishnu, has got the distinct honor of playing host towards Gnome Child. The skins may be available beginning November 15, and rates has yet become established. Users on Reddit (starts in brand new tab) have actually speculated they will fall at 600+ gems (~$15), that is consistent with other premium and crossover offerings for Smite.

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