martial artist dual wielding swords squaring off with a large ogre type enemy

Wo longer: Fallen Dynasty (starts in brand new tab), the mythological and locust-ridden next task from Team Ninja, has gotten a launch date. Players can cut a swathe through Wo longer’s Han dynasty Asia on March 3, 2023 “via Windows and Steam,” per an statement on game’s Twitter web page.

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Developed alongside Dynasty Warriors creator Koei Tecmo, Wo very long bills it self as being a “dark dream Three Kingdoms masocore game,” and now we got our very first glimpse (starts in brand new tab) from it during Microsoft’s summer time display in June this season. It appears, well, such as for instance a pretty unpleasant time for you to be alive: locusts skitter across corpses, smoke rises from burning villages, and every-where you appear burly males are moving polearms at each and every other. To phrase it differently, it appears a lot like Nioh by having a dash of Dynasty Warriors-style bombast, helping to make feeling.

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