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7 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows PC

7 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows PC

Every PC user often stumbles into a situation where they want to take a screenshot of their screen. For some, there isn’t a day they don’t take a screenshot of something. Whether it’s something for their work or something to share with their friends off a fun video. But how do you capture a screenshot on your own Windows PC?

Windows give you numerous ways to take your quick screenshots. Whether it’s the whole screen or a tiny portion of the screen. From taking screenshots of an article to taking screenshots of screen-recordings, Windows provide you many options.

Taking Screenshots on your Windows PC

Indulge yourself to use the keyboard shortcuts if you wish to take a screenshot of the entire screen i.e. with the toolbars and every bit of your screen. However, there are other options to get it done. Here are some ways you can take screenshots on your Windows PC:

  • Let’s start with the easy one. Your keyboard has a “Print Screen” button. Which is either labeled as “Print Screen Sys Rq”, “Prtscn” or something similar to it.

Now to get the screenshot of your whole screen, go press the “Print Screen” key. Then the screenshot will be there on your clipboard. You can paste it now wherever you desire.

  • If you want to avoid the lengthy process and save it directly at your PC, all you need to do is to press the “Windows” Key and Print Screen together. It will be saved directly to your (User)\Pictures\Screenshot folder.
  • Try “Alt + Print Screen” if you desire to take the screenshot on Windows.

It will be on your clipboard as copied and you may paste it anywhere you wish.

In case you desire to capture something that disappears as soon as you press the “Alt” key (For example drop-down menu), try it with Ctrl + Print Screen.

  • There is an app named Snip & Sketch for Windows 10. Very popular and simple to use. With the help of this app, you may get your screenshots of any desired shapes like a triangle or even an irregular shape. Interpret the screen capture and share your screenshot with the help of your Email.

To launch the app, you need to click on start and fill the text field with “Snip & Sketch”. Then go to New and start a new snip and there you may find the option to select the type of your capture. That image will go to your clipboard but you might also get the option to share the image right from Snip & Sketch. 

  • If you wish to capture just a part of your screen, then you have to press Windows + Shift + S. Your normal screen will change into a grayed-out screen and the cursor of your mouse will change. Select the part you want to capture and a screenshot of that particular area will be copied to your clipboard. You can now paste it anywhere you desire.
  • If you need more flexibility than the in-built app, then Snagit is the best app for you. It has many useful features. Simple to use and a very efficient app. Not only do you get to capture the region and Full-screen screenshots, but you can also take screenshots of web pages. This app is like a dream app. Everything you ever want in a Screenshot App, this one has it. You can even check it out without spending any money as there is a free trial available for this app.
  • If you found your way to save the screenshot and you wish to crop the image, then all you need is Paint, Photos, and Paint 3D. IF these three tools are at your disposal you may get the screenshot as you desired without confronting any problems.

Conclusion: With these steps, you will surely be able to take your screenshots. Whether if you need to take screenshots on daily basis or not, by using these tricks you can get your desired Screenshot. All you have to do is try these tricks and find the solution which is convenient for you.

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