Card images and art from Hearthstone's Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.

Guess who is right back! The OG Hearthstone Death Knight hero cards are receiving a month-long comeback in Standard. (Image credit: Blizzard)

In an work of unprecedented generosity (or unprecedented hype-building, if you are more cynical), Hearthstone is bringing certainly one of its many iconic card expansions right back and providing every player free access. The Knights associated with the Frozen Throne set is likely to be appropriate within the Standard structure from today, and can stay therefore until the production associated with the March associated with the Lich King set on December 6, of which point it is banished back once again to crazy.

Thematically, bringing Knights associated with the Frozen Throne right back is just a cool teaser, as it had been the very first Hearthstone set to dip into Death Knight lore in the shape of an undead ‘hero card’ for every course. In addition included The Lich King being a popular minion, that has been Arthas Menethil’s very first look within the card game. As had been additionally established today, the forthcoming March associated with the Lich King expansion will finally include Death Knight being a playable course, with Arthas supplying the beginning hero. Therefore yeah, being a tie-in, it creates total sense—especially provided just how beloved Knights associated with the Frozen Throne had been. 

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