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Traverse a galaxy in which iconic Jedi heroes utilize familiar game play mechanisms for the Pandemic show in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Planets under siege populate the overall game board as players accept the part of popular Jedi traveling from battle to fight, teaming up and rebuffing the Separatist hazard. Battle droids assault on sight, plus earth occupied by way too many will come under a blockade, hindering Jedi from liberating it through the enemy or accomplishing missions.

Board Game: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Players must interact to confront the onslaught of droids by getting into their areas and engaging them in combat, using dice and squad cards to deal harm and rebel the hazard. Between battles, players move from earth to earth, fighting more droids, crushing blockades, doing missions to make the tide of war, and dealing with down against iconic villains.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is born out in October 2022 and has a US$60 MSRP.

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