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Cryptocurrencies in common require a vast quantity of computing power to mine. We would be a fool if for a moment we think that after the Bitcoin crash, the situation is somewhat in control. The sky’s the limit and this situation is reaching for it bizarrely. It took a massive turn ever since they found out how to use javascript to invaded the websites.


The process of invading into laptops, PC, and mobiles to install malicious software. By which, to use the resources of that device to steal or mine cryptocurrency is known as Cryptojacking.

This process is more popular due to the low risk and more money. In the eye of hackers, this is a cheap and more profitable way to ransomware. The risk of getting identified is so low than ransomware that hackers prefer this over ransomware. 

It doesn’t typically concern your privacy. All they want to do is to mine Cryptocurrencies which will drain your battery and damage the device. If this process makes you nervous or a little shaky in any manner, there are steps to prevent it. 

Regardless of how well the scripts of Cryptojacking are hidden, they do get revealed. As they need a vast amount of CPU power, it will slow down your device in a very noticeable quantity. Enough that it will get into your attention. 

If you notice such behavior, Just pop open your task manager for which you have to press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete”. If you notice an enormous amount of CPU power getting pulled then it might be of a Cryptojacker.

How to Stop Websites from Mining Cryptocurrencies

Luckily there are few steps to prevent coin mining while you’re surfing. 

  • If a certain website comes to your attention which is using your PC or mobile to mine Cryptocurrencies without your consent, You can downright block the JavaScript. However, many websites won’t load if you aggressively shut down JavaScript. 
  • Using Anti-malware software is always the safest play. Some anti-malware such as Malwarebytes modified themselves to prevent cryptocurrency miners whereas some websites still haven’t. Malwarebytes provides you with many security checks including cryptocurrency blocking in their premium version.
  • Indulge yourself to use extensions. They list down domains and scripts that mine. They get updated on regular basis and are one of the best ways to block cryptocurrency mining.

There are few extensions available to block coin mining such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and many others.

With Extensions, you may even whitelist and blacklist the websites you want to allow mining.

  • iOS Firefox does not authorize any add-ons. Therefore, you can block the mining scripts only on the Safari browser

Scroll down and look for Safari after you pop open your phone settings, now go to “Advanced” and turn off the JavaScript.

You may also use a content blocker. 1Blocker is one of the good ones. After you install the app, make sure you go through your settings to find content blockers and turn on 1Blcoker by tapping on it. After that fire up the app and deselect Block Ads and tap on the Block trackers as the free version only provides you with one category. All the sites running mining cryptocurrencies codes will be blocked once you enable that.

Conclusion: Mining cryptocurrencies is not a bad thing necessarily, But if someone is doing it without your consent, it undeniably suggests some malicious purpose. With these few tricks, you will surely be able to block the mining scripts. However, if you wish to visit a website, all you would need to do is to add it to the exception list.

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