Stellaris is going where no 4X has gone before: a roguelite VR spin-off

This was not on my bingo card for 2022, but Paradox’s sci-fi 4X Stellaris gets a spin-off (starts in brand new tab): a VR “action-roguelite emerge Paradox’s sci-fi milieu” the Meta Quest 2. it comes down from Fast Travel Games, whom additionally produced Cities: Skylines VR experience (starts in brand new tab) not so long ago.

It’s called Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, plus it appears extremely Star Trek certainly. You have fun with the captain regarding the good ship Aurora since it ventures to the void for a pursuit of the titular ghost alert emanating from someplace inside unplumbed depths of area. That title should sounds familiar for Stellaris players: it is the thing that commences the Contingency late-game crisis in regular games of Stellaris. It is fundamentally a galaxy-wide genocide of most sapient life, therefore, you realize, you’ll likely wish to stop that.

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