Steam's latest F2P shooter is half CoD clone, half surprisingly great co-op FPS

There isn’t any more tired, derivative visual in video gaming than corrupting red crystals that change individuals into zombies. Despite my harsh anti-crystal/anti-portal agenda, Shatterline’s roguelike-inspired Expedition mode seized the higher element of my week-end. Though it does not have the polish (and artistic interest) of big-budget very first individual shooters, Shatterline is really a promising free-to-play FPS on Steam with a great deal to provide for no buy-in. 

Shatterline’s derivative, crystal-core visual (think Control, Chorus, or Metal Gear Survive) with near-future, exosuit-clad dudebros gift suggestions a really “2010s system shooter” vibe. There is an effort at a narrative—Shellguard operatives, whom utilize crystals in an effective way, have to stop the “Crystalline,” the representative of the angry god beyond the movie stars. Additionally, there are some mooks calling on their own “The Strafe,” peoples supporters for the Crystalline whom think the laughably evil searching red power crystals are sacred and healing, nonetheless they’re much more “blood and soil” about any of it than your new-age Facebook buddies. This option are capital-g Goons, yelling “the crystals!” while you mow them down. The fluff the following is lightweight and overstuffed with appropriate nouns, riding a grating slim line between inoffensive and unpleasant blandness. 

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