Welcome back again to another Fanatical regular, everyone else! Today we have quite a complete time once again! Hope you are having an excellent week to date.

We’ve got: Flash Deals, Birthday Bash, big money, and two brand new releases!

Flash Discounts

Check out our Flash Discounts associated with time! You will get Core Keeper at a 36percent discount and Supraland at an impressive 80percent! Get these great games here on our website!

Get Core Keeper right here![www.fanatical.com]
Get Supraland right here![www.fanatical.com]

Birthday Bash

Our Birthday Bash Warner Bros. discounts are awesome! Maybe you have seen them? You will find discounts like Gotham Knights at a 12percent discount, LEGO celebrity Wars: The Skywalker Saga at 45percent, and Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe version pre-order at 12percent down! Browse all discounts right here![www.fanatical.com]

Featured Bundle

Build your very own Mighty 2D Game Dev Assets Bundle[www.fanatical.com]
Tier 1 for $1
Tier 2 for $8
Tier 3 for $12

If you have been considering learning to be a game dev, our Mighty 2D GAME Dev Assets bundle is good for you! It has a myriad of fundamental assets to make a great 2D game, including backgrounds, screen, and figures spritesheets, among many more!


    Tier 1:

  • Sprite Sheet Animation
  • Fundamental Everyday Game Interface
  • Chests N Keys
  • 10 game backgrounds
  • Characters Spritesheet 3

    Tier 2:

  • Characters Spritesheet 7
  • Things
  • Mega Projectile Pack
  • Explosives Pack
  • Animated 2D Zombies Bundle
  • Tropical Flowers
  • AFR Game GUI Pack 1
  • Mushroom Monster Game Sprites
  • AFR Character Sprites Bundle
  • AFR Game GUI Pack 2
  • Stars

    Tier 3:

  • Cartoon Platformer Tileset Pack 1 (10-in-one)
  • Crystals
  • 10 Game Backgrounds 3
  • 10 Game Backgrounds 4
  • Game Graphical User Interface Buttons
  • 2D Platformer Tiling Textures Bundle
  • Coins
  • Medals
  • Progress Pubs
  • Game GUI 1
  • Segel 2D Characters Bundle
  • Mega Sci Fi Scene Production Pack
  • Clear Clear GUI Resource
  • Personalized Soldiers Game Sprites
  • Rock Cartoon GUI Pack

New Releases

We’ve got two brand new very-anticipated games released — Football Manager 2023 and Sonic Frontiers! And, naturally, we have discounts for them!

Get soccer Manager 2023 at a 25percent discount![www.fanatical.com]
Get Sonic Frontiers at a 12percent discount![www.fanatical.com]

And that is it! Many thanks plenty for joining united states on another regular! Hope you do have a lovely time, and I also’ll see you all the next day :portiapoop:

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