Token $SQULD Squid Game Crypto has increased by 2400 percent in the previous 24 hours


  • “Squid Game” a new Netflix Korean-language programme about a lethal competition of adults playing children’s games in the hopes of winning a large cash prize, has become a worldwide hit. It now has its own cryptocurrency, which debuted with a massive price increase.
  • This SQUID Game latest trading $2.22, up nearly 2,400% over the last 24 hours, and its market funding is above $174 million.
  • Token $SQULD Market cap is $8,485,762,637 and Fully Diluted Market Cap is $9,389,423,738 and volume is $12,458,766

$SQUID Token, Squid Game Crypto Overview

  • Those who are interested in joining should use prudence before trading squid.CoinMarketCap has issued a caution, claiming that “several reports” have been received that users are unable to sell this currency on Pancakeswap, a prominent decentralised exchange. It’s unclear why certain users can’t sell their tokens, but the coin’s white paper outlines anti-dumping technology that prohibits consumers from selling their tokens if certain requirements aren’t satisfied.

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  • The currency, which began its presale on Oct. 20 and “sold out in 1 second,” according to its white paper, it joins a long line of other parody cryptocurrencies that have witnessed significant price spikes for no apparent cause other than positive press. The price of the meme-inspired shiba inu coin, for example, has doubled in the last week.
  • The Squid token was released as the Squid Game project’s only coin, a crypto play-to-earn platform. The six rounds of games featured on the show of the same name are modelled around the online event, which begins in November. “Obviously, we do not provide deadly repercussions!” the company declared, unlike Netflix.
  • In addition, unlike the series, which limits the number of players and the maximum final bonus to $38.5 million, this virtual simulation of Squid Game will not limit the number of participants or the maximum final bonus.
  • To play each game, users will need to pay a certain amount of squid tokens, and certain games will also require players to purchase a custom-made NFT, which will be available for purchase on their website. The guards, who wear full-body reddish-pink costumes (the exact shade has prompted heated debate among show fans) and full-face black masks, are among the NFTs who depict characters from the show.
  • Gameplay isn’t cheap, especially with today’s prices. You must pay $15,000 (about $33,450) and obtain an NFT in order to compete in the tournament’s final game.
  • The developers (ten percent) and the prize fund (ten percent) split the entry fees for each round (90 percent ).
  • Marbles Pools, another show reference, is a feature on the Squid Game platform where players can earn tokens by staking, or putting their bitcoin holdings up as collateral to create passive income.
  • This follows a recent epidemic of Squid Game-related scams and malware schemes designed to entice followers.

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