Do you smell autumn leaves plus the faint scent of turkey floating around? It’s November, plus the begin of the brand new thirty days means a very important factor: a brand new batch of Xbox Game Pass games! Possibly the biggest name could be the debuting Somerville, the sidescroller by the ex-Playdead CEO. Adventure gamers can plunge into go back to Monkey Island including Pentiment, the latest medieval secret name by Obsidian Entertainment. The hit Computer name Vampire Survivors additionally makes its gaming console first on Xbox this thirty days. See what’s coming and what’s making Game Pass below, and look for our reviews for relevant games. 

What’s arriving at Xbox Game Pass

The Legend of Tianding (Console, Computer, Cloud) – Today

The hiking Dead: a brand new Frontier – the whole period (PC) – Today | the Review

The hiking Dead: Michonne – the whole period (PC) – Today | Ep. 1 Review, Ep. 2 Review, Ep. 3 Review 

Ghost Song (Console, Computer, Cloud)  – November 3

Football Manager 2023 (PC) – November 8 

Football Manager 2023 Console (Console, Computer, Cloud) –  November 8

Return to Monkey Island (Console, Computer, Cloud) – November 8 | the Review

Vampire Survivors (Console) – November 10

Pentiment (Console, Computer, Cloud) – November 15 

Somerville (Console, Computer) – November 15 

What’s making Xbox Game Pass

Football Manager 2022 (PC)  – November 8

Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition (Console, Computer, Cloud) – November 8

Art of Rally (Console, Computer, Cloud) – November 15

Fae strategies (Console, Computer, Cloud) – November 15

Next area Rebel (Console, Computer, Cloud) – November 15

One action from Eden (Console, Computer, Cloud) – November 15

Supraland (Console, Computer, Cloud) – November 15 | the Review

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