Somerville Arrives This November - Game Informer

Somerville, the mystical sci-fi adventure game, finally possesses launch date also it’s only some months away. The overall game comes on November 15. 

The experience originates from Jumpship, a studio launched by Dino Patti, previous CEO of Limbo and Inside designer Playdead. That provided DNA is clear in Somerville’s somber, surreal environment. The overall game focuses on a rural family members – a dad, mom, and son or daughter – whoever life have turned inverted with a cataclysmic occasion involving extraterrestrial site visitors. The journey unfolds as side-scrolling adventure game in which the family members must endure this apocalypse because it rips through tiny towns and past. You can view the most up-to-date trailer below.

Somerville was initially revealed during E3 2021 and a lot of recently popped up during final December’s Game Awards. The overall game will likely be on Xbox systems (including Game Pass) and PC.

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