Slime Rancher Moondew Nectar flower

Moondew Nectar is among the most difficult resources to assemble in Slime Rancher 2, because it calls for one to unlock two split improvements, and just spawns in a specific area at a specific time. Nevertheless, it is pretty valuable because itis the favourite meals of Flutter Slimes, and may be employed to eliminate Flutter Gordo Slime.

If you wish to gather some Moondew Nectar on your own, you will need to finish a notably long number of actions, but by the conclusion you should have every thing needed to farm the nectar when you want it. Therefore, listed here is in which Moondew Nectar spawns, just how to harvest the resource, also how to locate the Flutter Slimes you will feed it to.

How getting the jetpack

The jetpack calls for Radiant Ore and Phosphor Plorts (Image credit: Monomi Park)

There are a couple of things you have to do to get Moondew Nectar, additionally the very first should find the jetpack. To work on this, you will need to create the site Extractor, and harvest some Phosphor Plorts and Radiant Ore (starts in brand new tab)

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