Silent Hill: The Short Message Rated In South Korea

Silent Hill: The brief Message was ranked by Southern Korea’s Game Rating committee, and it’s really feasible this is usually a brand new unannounced Silent Hill game. 

This news comes by means of Video Games Chronicle, which stated that the score committee ranked Silent Hill: The brief Message today. But the score would not consist of any platforms, therefore it is confusing in which this game might secure if it really eventually ends up being truly a genuine name. Actually, the score features little else besides detailing Uniana as the publisher. As VGC records, the corporation frequently posts Konami games in Southern Korea. 

The book additionally notes that Silent Hill: The brief Message could be associated with certainly one of different Silent Hill projects apparently into the works at numerous various studios. VGC reported in February that Konami is arranging a revival of Silent Hill show amidst other reports saying that the Silent Hill 2 remake is in development. 

While waiting to ideally find out about Silent Hill: The brief Message, find out about Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama’s brand new game, Slitterhead. 

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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