Silent Hill 2's original translator wasn't told about the remake

Bloober Team’s future remake of Silent Hill 2 is apparently after the 2001 authentic’s plot, according to just what little we have seen to date. Which will be to state, a trailer (the one that Bloober Team’s CFO Tomasz Gawlikowski says (starts in brand new tab) is “in-engine UE5” and “what the overall game is supposed to check love”) that features recreations of a few scenes from initial game. 

Jeremy Blaustein, whom translated Silent Hill 2’s script into English also directing the movement capture and voiceover manufacturing, taken care of immediately the remake being established on Twitter (starts in brand new tab). “Cool!” he composed. “and they’re going to, yet again, make use of the SH2 English script that we wrote/translated  (oh, directed too) totally without any help and I also can get zero settlement because of it and there’ll never be thousands of individuals on Twitter outraged on my behalf.”

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