Silent Hill 2 remake 'rebuilding the combat', won't have fixed camera

The trailer for Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake recreated a few scenes from initial game, just with higher-res faces and floppier locks. We saw James considering himself in a general public restroom mirror, hiding in a cabinet as Pyramid Head murdered a couple of mannequins, and reaching between pubs to seize an integral. But we additionally saw James from behind as he wandered around, suggesting the use of the contemporary third-person view as opposed to the fixed-camera viewpoint of this initial game. 

Mateusz Lenart, innovative manager and lead designer at Bloober Team, told the PlayStation Blog (starts in brand new tab) that has been certainly the scenario, saying, “one of many brand new elements that you may spot within the unveil trailer could be the use of a over-the-shoulder digital camera. With that modification you want to immerse players also deeper to the game, cause them to feel just like they’ve been part of this unreal globe, and deliver them an even more visceral experience over the board.”

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