Shared Web Hosting 2021

An Overview

When it comes to building a website you need three important things. A domain name, and shared web hosting 2021 for WordPress, and a theme to build your website. 

A domain name is the name of your website which the user will type in the web browser and land on your website. If hosting service provides a fixed amount of space for all your website then elements to be hosting from a particular location. 

The theme is the layout of your website thing decides how your website will look ok. navigate to your user to different web pages and prepare within your website.

Out of all this hosting service is an important element in making a website live. when it comes to hosting service there are in unlimited options available for the website owner to choose.

Along with selecting the best hosting service provider a user has to also choose the best hosting package that will suit his needs of hosting a website.

In order to host a website shared hosting is the best option that comes to mind.  if you Google best – shared web hosting 2021 you will see unlimited options. With all these options you need to select the best web hosting for WordPress.

What is shared web hosting?

The name shared hosting itself suggest that one needs to share the amount of space given to host a website with others. What happens in shared hosting is many websites share a single server.

On the other hand, the website owner or the one who has purchased shared hosting has no idea with which website he is going to share the server space with.

shared web hosting 2021

In shared hosting, each customer has a certain limit to utilize the amount of server space. For example, hosting company can provide a server space of 1GB, 10GB or 20GB. 

This altogether depends on the type of hosting package that the user is purchasing from the web hosting service provider.

Big names in the world of best-shared web hosting 2021

Best web hosting for WordPress is available with top-notch hosting provider companies like Godaddy, Siteground, Bluehost, Hostgator and many more.

WordPress Open Source CMS

In the mid of best-shared web hosting service, there is a term called WordPress which is repeating every now and then. Actually, WordPress is an open-source content management system available absolutely free for users who want to create their first-ever website.

WordPress is a user-friendly click and drag editor style CMS which helps even a non-tech guy to create a website within an hour.

An interesting point about shared hosting is it’s a cheap and budget-friendly option for or any individual agency for a company willing to build its website. Even big companies that are offering hosting space have competitive pricing to acquire the attention of buyers.

Best shared web hosting for small business

As discussed earlier shared hosting is best for any individual agency company big or small businesses. it is one of the cheapest hosting option available.

It is cheapest because one needs to share hosting space with others making the upfront cost of building a website minimum too low. The best web hosting for small business can range from $2.99-$9.99.

However, shared hosting is the cheapest it is the best place for any small business to start online. The best web hosting for small businesses comes with an inbuilt C panel making it easy for a user to manage each and everything about their website easily.

Moreover one doesn’t need to have high-quality skills to maintain their website which is hosting in a shared hosting package. Just a bit of learning and you are good to go with your new website.

Along with some advantages there are certain disadvantages of shared hosting. shared hosting sounds really excellent and affordable but there are certain negative points about Shared hosting.

For example, if you take shared hosting there might be a load time issue for your website compare to dedicated servers the shared hosting servers work a bit slow making your website load at a slow speed.

Now when you are sharing the hosting space with others your hosting server may be overburden by the space which is consumed by other sites. Above all other websites with whom your website is sharing the server, space can give rise to a potential risk of hacking or a bug.

So whom do you think is the best-shared web hosting 2021 company?

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