Best Tips to secure iPhone Lock Screen

We can put much energy into our iOS use and you may lead to protecting all your Facebook needs to validate our data. For lock screen, you can use information that can find important information, anyway or any way. It is amazing to earn a specific function directly from the iPhone screen, but there is no need to deny the door of the interface. For example, your invalidation screen that you cannot communicate with the intruder to read notes without your help. Anything is; they can also turn on iPhone cameras for a long time. In this way, the day when you killed that you do not need a lock screen to weaken your privacy. We recommend the best of my followers to maintain my screen from my iPhone. 

iPhone configuration and security

  • Open can be upgraded with the application, security application security. 
  • ID Orientation / No-> Change Password – Password Options. .. 
  • Get a camera from the screen lock to photograph access to the camera page site using the power button during the running time and images, immediately, opportunities that can be accessed are a better way of all accounts. New Time Device -> Time Button -> Content and Password
  • At this time, make sure the content is turned on and confidential. Then tap Authorized and turn it off in the vicinity of the camera. If you continue, the camera function will not open from the lock screen. 

Disable Notification Center, Monitoring Center, and Siri access from the lock screen.

If you don’t mind placing housing in a heated area to reinforce the shield against unauthorized access, Siri can access the control panel. Action center, notification center, wallet, answering unauthorized calls, missed calls, home control, and view today, and even messages from the lock screen. So I can generally recommend what you should do to protect your iPhone’s lock screen. 

  • Open the default settings on iPhone-> Face ID / Contacts. 
  • Then check the permissions section
  • At this point, turn off the slider directly next to any part you don’t want to open from the lock screen. 
  • Blocking access to Apple data access from screen locks from the lock screen allows you to monitor important items and initiate note changes without skipping activities.
  •  We recommend blocking the path if you do not want the message to be accepted. Open the Settings app on iPhone from the lock screen-> Notes-> Notes from the current lock screen, select Select off. From now on, I will hide the lock screen memory. 

Disclosure Disclaimer The best way is to hide your interests, whether from private conversations. 

  • If you received this recommendation at your request, 
  • Go to Application Settings-> Notifications> View Comments. Currently, 
  • Select Open. If you need to block a general block, select Siri’s suggestion not on the screen for using the required application for locked applications. 
  • These lines can use this method to complete a quick company. In this way, you can omit recommendations on the ability to scroll through attachments and search-> Notify. Turn off the switch immediately for recommendations. If you choose to enter this feature directly into any application, it indicates that it will not appear in the lock. Use flip screen protection.

Conclusion: iPhone device to pay multiple devices may lead to locking screens or access and improvement functions. To keep the camera application under the cover, iOS will be perfect from the announcement of the announcement to the weakest control center. You can configure passive components that protect the lock screen on the intruder screen and passwords can find important activities to run. The letter connection has a number that they can trust. 

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