Gigeresque statue rising out of a mist surrounded by biotech

On October 27, Ebb computer software create Scorn’s very first major patch (starts in brand new tab) since launch, variation Among a swathe of well being modifications, Ebb additionally tweaked Scorn’s checkpoint and conserve system, repairing the largest flaw of what’s otherwise an excellent success horror game.

I love Scorn, i must say i, actually dig it, sufficient to offer it an 80percent within my review (starts in brand new tab). This human body horror adventure makes the absolute most of its advanced level visuals technology, searching like no other game I played, also it manages to inform an unsettling sci-fi tale similar to the mid-20th century masters like Philip K. Dick or Harlan Ellison without the terms. But it nearly burned through all my goodwill along with its horrendous checkpoint system.

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