schedule livestream on Youtube in advance

We’ve come so far with our technology by our side. Back in the day, Content Creators used to share their content via videos, pictures and sharing written posts and messages. Nowadays, Live-streaming is the trend. Live Streaming was first introduced to us by Twitch tv so that youtube schedule livestream on Youtube in advance is the best part of youtube functionality.

For many others, it didn’t take long to adapt. The objective of Livestreaming is to interact with the audience and is to share their content in a much more fashionable manner.

Live Streaming from youtube can be done from any device. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, or PC. Make sure your channel has no less than 1000 subscribers at least if you wish to stream from your phone. After that open up your Youtube app from your phone or tablet and tap on “Go Live”. The very first stream may need 24 hours to enable. After that, you may live stream instantly. Before you do any of that, Make sure your channel is verified. If not, you would need to verify your channel first.

Schedule a Livestream on Youtube in Advance
  • Not long ago Youtube launched a new update from where users can schedule their Livestream. By doing that, the subscribers or the viewers will get a notification beforehand with the idea of when you will be going live. This is a very useful and handy feature and if you are keen, here’s the process of scheduling a Youtube Livestream in advance:
  • You don’t need to be any sort of Tech-Wizard as the process is not at all complicated.
  • Fire up the Youtube app and tap the record button at the top and beside the “search” of the app. Then click on “Go Live”. You’ll be directed to an interface where you have to put your streaming Title and Description.
  • Below that, there is an option “More options”. Tap on it and switch to “Schedule for later”.
  • Next, you will need to provide the time and date of your Livestream on the respective fields.
  • Once you finish setting up, each of your subscribers will get a notification of your Livestreaming time. With this, they wouldn’t miss it and will be there to watch the stream if they wish to. This easy and simple feature is very dear to the Content Creators as it is very helpful.

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Conclusion: When it comes to content creators in general, Youtube is their go-to place. As the app constantly updates and always reading the feedbacks. However, the scene is different for gamers as they still prefer Twitch Tv over Youtube.

Regardless, few features push Youtube up from other social platforms. As in General, Youtube is known worldwide and has a bigger name than others the community still prefers Youtube over any others. I’m sure scheduling a Livestream beforehand won’t be a problem for any of your content creators from now on.

Make sure your Livestream follows Youtube’s Community Guidelines & Terms of Conditions. You may get your live stream removed if you fail to follow the guidelines. You might even get strikes on your channel if your stream is removed o restricted. After that, you wouldn’t be able to stream for up to 3 months.

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