AMD revealed some pretty tasty-looking pictures cards yesterday by means of the Radeon RX 7900 XTX (starts in brand new tab) and 7900 XT arriving at $999 and $899 correspondingly. These cards have actually a good amount of brand new features up their sleeves including DisplayPort 2.1, the newest connection standard that supports greater refresh prices at high resolutions. Additionally offered up a sneaky peek at Samsung’s very first 8K ultrawide monitor, the Odyssey Neo G9.

The just issue with this display is the fact that it’s not actually an 8K panel, because ultrawide setup. For guide, 8K should formally be 7680×4320, which compatible a honestly staggering 33.2M pixels. For contrast, 4K is 3840×2160 for the total of 8.3M pixels. The footnote regarding presentation stated though, the Samsung display provides 8K horizontal just.

The Samsung Neo G9 back view with scifi background.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Given the present Odyssey Neo G9 possesses 32:9 aspect ratio, that will result in a indigenous quality of 7680×2160 for the total of 16.6M pixels or approximately half the entire quality of the real 8K display.

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