Restore your missing features in windows 10

Restore Missing Features of Windows 10

Windows can be infuriating on occasion, with each update bringing a decent amount of bugs, issues, and weaknesses. Frequently, significant features disappear after a windows update, making it hard to capitalize on your PC. So in case you’re hoping to re-establish some significant functionalities in Windows 10, you’ve gone to the correct spot so here you can identify restore missing features in Windows 10.

1.Restore The Search Bar

  • The Search bar close to the start button in Windows 10 used to be incorporated with Cortana. This implied that hiding Microsoft’s voice assistant made it vanish, and unhiding Cortana would bring it back. Since the two are separated, reestablishing a missing search bar is significantly more straightforward. Right-click in the blank area of the taskbar and pick Search > Show search box
  • If that doesn’t work, right-click the taskbar and pick Taskbar settings. If the choice to Utilize small taskbar buttons set to On, turn it off to bring back the search box.

2.Restore Missing Taskbar

  • It would help if you initially guaranteed that your taskbar has vanished on the off chance that it isn’t hidden. Please move your mouse pointer to the lower part of the screen to check whether it shows up. Click on the taskbar and pick Taskbar settings. 
  • Switch off the option. Naturally, it hides the taskbar on the Desktop. Switch on Lock the taskbar to get it set up. 
  • On the off chance that the taskbar doesn’t show up, press Windows Key + I to open the Windows Settings application. Select Personalization > Taskbar and turn off the auto-hides choices option. 
  • The taskbar at times vanishes if there’s an issue with file explorer. Restarting Explorer (explorer.exe) through task manager can fix this without you expecting to reboot your PC. This trick may likewise work if file explorer itself vanishes. 
  • As you’ll not be able to get to task manager by right-clicking the taskbar, open it by pressing Ctrl + Move + Esc. On the Cycles tab, right-click Windows Traveler and click Restart.

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3.Restore Missing Taskbar Icon

  • On the off chance that you can presently don’t see the clock, the volume control, the network icon, or potentially other helpful icons on your taskbar, here’s the way to reestablish them. 
  • Right-click the taskbar, pick Taskbar settings and look down to the Notice zone segment. Click Turn system symbols on or off and guarantee that all the taskbar symbols you require are chosen in the rundown. 
  • On the off chance that the missing icon isn’t listed, click back to the past screen and pick Select which icon shows up on the taskbar. Ideally, you’ll discover and have the option to turn it on there. 

4.Restore the Start Menu 

  • If your start menu doesn’t show up when you click the start button in Windows 10, there are two primary probable causes. 
  • To switch back to desktop mode, either click the notification icon close to the clock on your taskbar or press the Windows Key + A. At the point when the Notices panel opens, click Tablet mode to turn it off. The second, more serious problem is that the start menu is corrupted. You can fix it by re-registring the menu through PowerShell, which can be gotten through the Task Manager if the search box isn’t working or accessible. 
  • Open Task Manager that is available on the taskbar and tick File > Run the fresh task
  • Type PowerShell in the Open field, select Create this task with administrative privileges and click OKt. 
  • At the point when PowerShell opens, copy and paste the following, and press Enter:
  • Get-appxpackage – all *shellexperience* – packagetype group |% {add-appxpackage – register – disabledevelopmentmode ($_.installlocation + “\appxmetadata\appxbundlemanifest.xml”)} 
  • Reboot your PC, and the search menu ought to be reestablished. 

5.Restore the Recycle Bin

  • If the Recycle Bin Icon has vanished from your Desktop, Here are how to get it back. 
  • Go to Start > Settings > Personalization or right-click the Desktop and click personalize. 
  • Choose the Themes in the left-hand menu, scroll down, and click Desktop icon settings. Choose the Recycle Bin checkbox and then agree OK or Apply.
  • On the off chance that the checkbox is now ticked, Windows might be in Tablet mode, as shrouded in the past tip. This consequently covers work area symbols, including the Recycle Bin. 
  • To show the Reuse Receptacle when in this mode, go to Begin > Settings > system > Tablet > Change extra tablet settings. Protect the app symbols on the taskbar in tablet form.

6.Restore Missing Notification Area Icons

  • If the Notice Zone icon in the base right, including a clock, volume, network, and so forth, disappear, they can restore them without any problem. To do that, go to ‘Taskbar Settings,‘ look down and click on the ‘Turn system icon on or off
  • Presently switch on all the icons you need in the taskbar notification area and flip off all you don’t. 
  • If the icon you need to restore isn’t listed above, return utilizing the back bolt on the upper left corner of your window and pick ‘Select which icon show up on the taskbar.’ You’ll ideally discover your icon there.

7.Restore Disk Clean-Up Button

  • The in-built Disk Clean-up tool in Windows 10 allows you rapidly to erase junk files and let open space. Now and then, be that as it may, the Disk cleanup button disappears from a drive’s Properties. 
  • To restore the Disk Clean-up button, open the registry editor and explore the accompanying key
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer 
  • Right-click MyComputer, pick New > Key and call the new critical cleanup path. Right-click Default in the right-hand sheet and pick Change. 
  • Type (or reorder) the accompanying in the Worth information field, at that point click alright: %SystemRoot%\System32\cleanmgr.exe/D %c 
  • Open This PC in File Explorer, right-click a drive, and pick Properties. The Disk Clean- up catch should now be accessible on the Overall tab. 


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