Remove Duplicate Contacts from iPhone and Mac

Regardless of how well you monitor your address book, duplicate contacts will invariably find their way in. If getting rid of duplicated on a daily basis isn’t one of your pleasures, your connections are probably already muddled. Regrettably, managing iPhone/iPad contacts has always felt like a pain in the back. Don’t worry; there is a method for capturing and erasing all of the additional contact cards. In the case of macOS users, taking responsibility for contacts is beneficial. As a result, if you’ve decided to clean up your Address book, you’ve given yourself the perfect opportunity to merge and delete duplicate contacts from your iPhone, iPad, and MBP.

Remove Duplicate Contacts from iPhone and Mac

You can easily find out how many duplicate contacts you have on macOS. A connection with a similar name but different ones or a similar name and information by duplication. You can merge all of your undesirable contact cards with a single tick once you’ve captured them.

If you use the same Macs ID on both macOS and iOS/iPad devices and allow iCloud sync for Contacts, the update will be applied to both. Your iPhone or iPad contacts will also be able to get rid of duplicates this way.

  • System preferences > Apple ID > iCloud > Contacts on macOS.
  • On iOS and iPadOS, go to Settings > Profile > iCloud > Contacts.

Consider the case when you don’t have a macOS device; how would you clean out the copied contacts from your iPhone or iPad’s Contacts app? You can, in fact, use iCloud to finish your work. While it isn’t obvious, it just works wonders with the address book. So, let’s get this guide started!

a most effective method to Eliminate duplicate iPhone, iPad, or Macintosh Contacts Utilizing iCloud 

Go to using your PC’s internet browser. 
After that, use your Apple ID and password to log in.
Then, on the Contacts symbol, click.
Then, in the top left corner of the screen, choose All Contacts.


Then, while holding down the command key, select all of the Copy contacts you want to get rid of.


Now, in the bottom left-hand corner, click on the settings symbol.


In the pop-up menu, select Snap-on Erase.


“Would you say you are sure you need to delete the selected contacts?” popup will appear on the screen. 
To confirm, click the remove button.

Third-party applications for iPhone and iPad Eliminate Duplicate Contacts 

Fortunately, the App Store includes plethora of third-party contact tools that can assist you in finding and deleting duplicate contacts on your iPhone or iPad. 
The following are the applications that have used and found to be highly reliable:

iPhone and Mac Related Tips & Tricks

Duplicate Contacts Manager

It’s simple, attractive contact manager that makes it simple to locate and copy contacts. 
It not only allows you to get rid of unnecessary contacts but also allows you to back up and restore your address book. 
Furthermore, it supports iOS or later, allowing you to manage your contacts even on older iPhone and iPad devices.

Contact Cleanup 

Another contact manager is Contact Cleanup. It makes a dependable showing, whether it’s seizing all of the copy contacts right once or deleting a bunch of useless contact cards all at once. It also allows you to back up the whole address book, ensuring that all of your contacts are safe. While this contact Cleanup is free, you should spend $1.99 to organically consolidate all of your copied contacts.

Conclusion: This is how you may remove duplicate contacts from your iOS devices in this manner. Even if the methods described above are reliable, it would be preferable if Macintosh provided more straightforward local method for getting rid of unwanted contact cards on the iPhone and iPad.


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