Record Screen on Android TV

Android tv is an operating system by tech giant Google for smart TVs, media streaming sticks, and set-top-boxes. It’s very not quite the same as Google tv, which was closed down a couple of years prior. While Google tv has an absence of applications, Android tv approaches the play store. Even though many screen recorder applications accessible on the Play Store, recording Android television screens isn’t just about as consistent as you have on your Android smartphone.

Google has eliminated the user confronting “draw over other applications” settings page to prevent applications from gliding over other UI components and capturing the screen. While that is reasonable on Google’s part to avoid privacy, a few users need to record the screen for specific instructional exercises or outlines if you need to record the screen on Android television.

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How to Capture Screen on Android Tv

There are different Android television screen recording Apps and methods. So in this how-to article, I will show you ways to record screens on Android Tv.

All things considered, AZ Screen Recorder is correct now the best and most well-known screen recording application accessible for Android. You can utilize the AZ Screen Recorder to record your Android television screen too. For that, you need to follow the means given underneath cautiously. 

Download and install send files to Tv app on both device (Android television and smartphone) 

Download the AZ Screen Recorder app on Android TV and Install it (Android television) 

Set Orientation Apk File (Phone)

Open the Send file to the television application on your smartphone and connect your smart tv. When connected, send the Orientation apk file that you have downloaded on your smartphone. Then, install the Orientation apk file on your smart television and open it. Presently change the orientation to landscape.’ 

Now open the AZ Screen Recorder application on your Android television and begin recording the Android screen.

Since you can get to the Google Play Store from your Android television, Search on the play store TeamViewer app, install the TeamViewer application. In the wake of downloading the TeamViewer quick support app on Android television, install TeamViewer for Windows on your PC.

Presently open TeamViewer on both of the devices – Android television and Windows PC. On the Windows device, enter the ID shown on the television screen and snap on the ‘connect’ button. 

When connected, you will want to see the television Screen on TeamViewer Window on the PC. To begin the recording, tap on the export window symbol situated in the upper right corner. On the Toolbar, click on the ‘files and extras icon.’ 

In the drop-down menu, click on ‘Start session recording.’ If you are finished with the recording, click on the ‘Start session recording’ button again to save the recording file on your PC. 

Then, double-tap on the saved recording file, and it would open in the TeamViewer Window. Click on the ‘Convert’ button on the menu bar and stand by until the recording is changed over into MP4 format. 

That is it! You are finished. This is the way you can record the Android television screen utilizing TeamViewer. 

Thus, this article is about how to record Android television separates 2021. I trust this article encouraged you! Share it with your companions moreover.

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