PUBG vs. Free Fire Comparison


  • PUBG is a hugely popular game with millions of downloads and still counting but its rival, Garena Free Fire is also extensively popular among game fans. Both these online multiplayer games belong to the battle royale genre and can be either played without friends or with friends in two types of mode – duo mode and squad mode. The last one standing is the winner in both these games and they either win Chicken Dinner or Booyah, as the case may be.
  •  Are you a regular battle royale game player? If yes, we will present you with a few points of comparison between PUBG and Free Fire so that you can decide which one is the best and should be played.
  •  In this post, we will be presenting you with points of comparison between PUBG vs. Free Fire.

 PUBG vs. Free Fire: Points of Comparison

Here are a few points of comparison between PUBG and Free Fire:

 1) Number of Downloads – The popularity of Free Fire can be gauged by the fact that it has 500 million downloads. On the other hand, PUBG has fewer downloads i.e 100 million. The difference in popularity can also be noticed in Google Trends. Why is Free Fire more popular? The answer lies in the fact that it has a small game size and works smoothly on any device – high end or low end. PUBG on the other hand is shared through third-party apps and has a download size of almost 2 GB on Android devices and 2.4 GB on iOS devices.

 2) Graphic Quality – As far as the graphic quality is concerned, PUBG is a clear winner as its graphics are smooth and realistic owing to the Unreal Engine used by it, which is quite popular among battle royale game fans. Do you have a stable internet connection and an Android version of 5.1.1? If yes, your device will run PUBG smoothly and will require a space of 2 GB for Android devices. On the other hand, we have Free Fire which also provides smooth graphics and is an animated game that can be run on even low-end devices. Its controls are not at all complicated and that adds to its popularity.

 3) In-game characters – Free Fire has undoubtedly the most diverse characters from which you can choose. The game allows you to get more characters by spending diamonds or in-game money. What is more interesting is that every character has a distinct set of abilities that you can upgrade by playing more. More characters definitely add to the thrills of the game. On the other hand, PUBG falls flat when it comes to characters as the number of characters is limited although you can tweak the way the characters look.

4) Battle Royale Mode – PUBG allows players to let go of, gear up, and kill and if you survive the 100-player battle royale game, you will be the winner of the chicken dinner. Not only that, PUBG has interesting and varying battlegrounds and four maps – Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar. On the other hand, Free Fire is quick-paced with 50 players who take the drop on a map smaller in size and thus the winner emerges in a very short span of time.

 5) Vehicles – It goes without saying that both PUBG and Free Fire are interesting in the sense that they allow players to use more than one vehicle. But when it comes to deciding which one of them is better as far as the vehicles are concerned, PUBG takes the cake and eats it too as it not only offers multiple options for vehicles to choose from but also allows players to use water as a mode of transport. Free Fire only has two options for vehicles – car and motorcycle.

 6) Number of Players – As already mentioned above, PUBG allows 100 players and there are bigger maps which means the fun will continue for a longer period of time. Do you wish to play a quick-paced game? If yes, Free Fire is for you as it allows 50 players who play on smaller maps which reduces the time span.


Now that you know the areas where PUBG fares well and those that Free Fire fares well, pick your option among the two. Although Free Fire has more downloads, PUBG has more interesting features. Therefore, we agree the choice between the two will be as difficult as choosing between your left hand and right hand.

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