PUBG: New State vs. BGMI- What is different between both these games?


  • You won’t find any Battle Royale game fan who has not played PUBG or BGMI (in India). PUBG’s newest offering, PUBG: New State, has garnered a lot of attention lately. Krafton’s offerings have always been No.1 in popularity. After PUBG Mobile was banned in India, BGMI was introduced in the Indian market, and slowly, its popularity soared. PUBG: New State, the newest offering is going to bring a futuristic gameplay experience for battle royale players. Let’s understand what is different between the two games, in this blog post.
  • If you are a PUBG fan or even a battle royale fan, we suggest you read on.
  • In this post, we will be covering the differences between PUBG: New State and BGMI on the following parameters: availability, timeline, graphics, device requirements, maps, weapons and vehicles, and gameplay.

What is different between PUBG: New State and BGMI?

Let’s see the differences between PUBG: New State and BGMI:

1) Availability

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India is available for Indian users only as it was specifically made for them by the developers. On the other hand, the PUBG: New State game is available for global users. Krafton put all speculations regarding the game’s availability in India to rest by allowing pre-registrations for the game in India. The pre-registrations in India commenced on September 1, 2021. As far as the release of the PUBG: New State game is concerned, it is going to be released in November 2021.

2) Timeline

  • PUBG New State is set in 1951 and therefore, will have many futuristic aspects. On the other hand, Battlegrounds Mobile India belongs to the battle royale genre and is set in the present.

3) Graphics

  • The graphics and texture of both Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG mobile are similar. Players have the option of changing the graphics to Ultra HD, provided they play on high-end devices. On the other hand, players using low-end devices can change the graphics to Smooth or Balanced. The graphics of the PUBG: New State game are different from those of other battle royale games. The weather effects of the game including sunlight and shadow are realistic. As per Krafton, this has been made possible by using the revolutionary Global Illumination Technology.

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  • Operating System – Android 5.1.1 or more.

4) Device Requirements of BGMI vs. Device Requirements of PUBG: New State Device Requirements of BGMI For Android

  • RAM – 2GB
  • For iOS
  •  Operating System – iOS 9 or more.
  •  RAM – A minimum of 2 GB

Device Requirements of PUBG: New State For Android

  • Operating System – Android 6.0.0 or more.
  •  RAM – 4GB
  • For iOS
  • Device – iPhone 6S or later versions.
  • Operating System – iOS 13 or more.

5) Maps

  • In PUBG: New State, players will get a new map of 8×8 Km, named “Troi” which is based on 2051. As per the videos shared by Krafton, many locations of the new map can be visible including the Exhibit Hall, Mall, and Laboratory. Players will also see many other new maps. BGMI features a basic map called Erangel, and other maps like Karakin, Livik, and Sanhok.

6) Weapons and Vehicles

  • In BGMI, players will get all the basic weapons and vehicles which were offered in PUBG Mobile. PUBG: New State, on the other hand, features new vehicles including Vulture and electric vehicles that are capable of spawning at random locations on the map. Weapons will also see many changes such as the MK47 which can be played in Auto firing mode. Players can use up to 6x scope in VSS.

7) Gameplay

  • As far as the gameplay is concerned PUBG: New State will not be that different. 100 players will battle it out on the battlefield and there will be one last man standing. It is the same as in the BGMI game. Players have to explore the map for weapons, equipment, or armor. However, what will be different is the fact that there will be more weapon customization options in PUBG: New State. Also, players will be seeing some changes in terms of new mechanics which will include dodging, drone calls, and support requests.


  • These are some of the differences that players will see between the PUBG: New State game and the BGMI game. However, there are some elements that are similar too. Overall, PUBG: New State will bring a lot of futuristic aspects to the game which is quite different from what BGMI has to offer. However, we have to admit that both these games score high as far as engaging the audience is concerned.

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