PUBG: New State vs BGMI Vs Counter-Strike Vs Free-fire


  • You must have already understood what we are going to talk about in this blog post. Ahead of the release of the PUBG: New State game in India, let’s see which one fares better over the rest among PUBG: New State, BGMI, Counter-Strike, and Free Fire. We will do that by talking about what sets each of the games apart from the rest. So, let’s begin without much ado.
  • If you love playing games on your mobile for hours, you will find this blog post interesting for sure.
  • As mentioned above, in this blog post, we will be talking about what sets each of the above games apart from the rest and decide which one is the best game in India in 2021.

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What sets PUBG: New State apart from the other games?

Here are the points:

  • PUBG: New State will be having new futuristic weapons in addition to basic weapons and is going to change the face of mobile gaming with its futuristic elements.
  • The game will see a lot of new vehicles including electric cars and even drones.
  • Players will get to launch a group of missiles from the sky.
  • The game is making a lot of waves as it is going to have armored cars, not affected by fire and capable of destroying ordinary cars.
  • The graphics of the game set it apart from the rest, all thanks to the Global Illumination technology used in the game.
  • The game will be getting an 8 vs.8 mode.

What sets BGMI apart from the rest?

Here are the points:

  • It is a classic battle royale game with all the necessary elements including jumping out of aircraft and killing enemies to be the last man standing.
  • The gameplay is realistic and immersive.
  • The graphics and textures are of high quality and will give players an Ultra-High Definition experience.
  • The players will have a smooth gameplay experience as the game provides higher frame rates than many of the other games.
  • The maps offered are better than many of the other battle royale games.

What sets Counter-Strike apart from the rest?

Here are the points:

  • The game has one map which is smaller than many of the other battle royale games but, given the number of players, we believe the map is apt.
  • Although weapons do not get spawned as in many other games, you will have knowledge of your opponents’ location. This is something that is absent in many of the other battle royale games and gives players an opportunity to better strategize.
  • The games in Counter-Strike are pretty intense as the number of players is fewer than in many of the other battle royale games and the duration is a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Counter-Strike is different from the other games in that it has the best anti-cheat system.

What sets Free Fire apart from the rest?

Here are the points:

  • The map of Free Fire has been updated to make it more exciting.
  • The graphics and optimizations are top-notch in the game.
  • The game has worked on some problems related to vehicle sound effects, weapon sound effects, etc., and tries to provide the best sound optimizations to its players.
  • Although the in-game mechanics are not as good as the other games, it has been worked on keeping the players’ interests in mind and for that, we should appreciate the developers.
  • The 360-degree lobby that the game provides is what sets it apart from the rest of the games.
  • The characters in the game with their special abilities keep players glued to their screens.

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Which one is the best in India in 2021 – PUBG: New State or BGMI or Counter-Strike or Free Fire?

  • Although we can get the final answer to the above question only after the PUBG: New State game is released in India, the thing is all the games have some unique features that set them apart from the rest. If you would love to have a futuristic gaming experience, PUBG: New State will be the best option. If you are more interested in in-game characterizations, you should go for Free Fire. The common feature between all of the above games is that all of them are intriguing and that is enough to capture the attention of game fans. Isn’t it?

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