Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M review: not very Porsche-y, but a fine gaming monitor

Right here we’ve another AOC video gaming monitor, except it is not only by AOC, but by posh vehicle manufacturers Porsche? It’s the Porsche Design AOC Agon professional PD32M, reduced 4K / 144Hz beast of the display, and it is actually the next equipment collaboration between these not likely bedfellows.

it is additionally much more committed (and high priced) than 2020’s AOC Agon PD27. it is flat versus curved, but applies to both an increased quality plus bigger 31.5in IPS panel. Its DisplayHDR official certification additionally rises from 400 to 1400, fuelled mostly by way of a change to more complex Mini LED backlighting: equivalent type whilst the Asus ROG Swift PG32UQX, among the best 4K video gaming monitors. As video gaming display screen, then, it is got most of the right tools, but what about this is Porsche-like?

Issued, it is been some years since I have past owned a car or truck, therefore yes as hell had beenn’t a Porsche. However if I’dn’t continue reading the Porsche Design internet site your Agon professional PD32M borrows some trapezoid forms from their steering tires, I’d be positively kept wondering just how this monitor is meant to evoke the brand name under consideration. It offers lights in the straight back, maybe not completely unlike a car or truck, but there are not any tires, no sloping roof, and never a hint of previous participation within the German war device. Conversely, the Agon PD27’s stand had been straight away recognisable being an homage to rushing roll cages, and of course a truly unique design flourish among video gaming shows.

Yet, probably the Agon professional PD32M’s less overt Porsche styling is definitely an enhancement. We don’t really would like a competition vehicle monitor more than i’d like Lightning McQueen pajamas, even though one racing-style video gaming seat has won me personally over, which was owing significantly more to its practicality than it just aping a bucket chair. The Agon professional PD32M’s stand is comparable: it is maybe not great since it appears like it absolutely was band-sawn down a controls, it is great since it’s reliably sturdy, impressively adjustable, and reassuringly hefty. I actually do in fact like just how it appears, the record, however the fat and aluminium construction of the stand offer a hint associated with Agon professional PD32M’s quality when it comes down from the packaging.

A rear view of the metal stand on the Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M gaming monitor.

Height, tilt, rotatation, this stand does all of it. Most of the crucial material, anyhow.

Less convincing may be the choice to place a downwards-projecting, attractive light over exactly what should demonstrably be described as a cable routing space, however the IPS panel acts well as distraction. It’s, in short, gorgeous – searing bright despite having HDR turned off, richly colourful, and smooth in movement. It supports both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, the latter delivering perfect tear avoidance once I tested it for an RTX 3090, and it is virtually without ghosting (and inverse ghosting) on standard settings.

A decorative Porsche Design light projecting onto the base of the Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M gaming monitor.

You can switch between this Porsche Design projection as well as an Agon logo design utilizing a activate the rear. Simply mind those cables.

An even more forensic approach reveals some flaws: comparison, as an example, might be a great deal a lot better than 867:1. We additionally measured the average delta-E of 4.4, that will be fairly high, so even though the Agon professional PD32M’s tints are bold they’re maybe not specially accurate. Tall precision is much better for image modifying than video gaming, though, and inspite of the so-so comparison ratio, there’s ample pop music.

Using Mini LED technology in the place of inexpensive, edge-lit backlighting assists. With HDR down, brightness peaks at a beaming 542.7cd/m2, and switching it on produced as much as 802.cd/m2 in Final Fantasy XV.

The Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M gaming monitor showing Forza Horizon 5 in action.

Games cannot require HDR to shine in the Agon professional PD32M.

Real, that’s maybe not the 1400cd/m2 that DisplayHDR 1400 is meant to guarantee, and you’d progress performance in general through the ROG Swift PG32UQX (many thanks simply to its superior comparison). But while we additionally don’t completely choose the Agon professional PD32M’s reported 1ms G2G reaction time, its IPS panel handles movement equally well whilst the Asus monitor. Connected to a Computer that may handle the rigours of high refresh price video gaming at 4K, the Agon professional PD32M makes bombing around Forza Horizon 5 or hot-dropping into an Apex Legends match feel since fast and smooth because they would on the most useful video gaming monitors.

It is cheaper compared to the ROG Swift PG32UQX, too. Plenty cheaper: Porsche Design offer it direct at £1750 / $1799, that will be almost 1 / 2 of exactly what Asus want because of their very own 32in, 4K, 144Hz, HDR-ready, Mini LED video gaming monitor. Evaluations with smaller, lower-specced 4K shows are less flattering but also for all of the features and gratification your Agon professional PD32M provides, it is priced significantly more aggressively than it appears.

A headset resting on one of the Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M monitor's pop-out hooks.

The pop-out hooks sit flush you should definitely being used.

Porsche and AOC throw in some good bonuses too. You can find well-hidden headset hooks on both sides, the HDMI ports meet with the 2.1 standard (ideal should you too obtain a 4K-capable video game system such as a PS5), so when aided by the PD27, you will get a sweet small handy remote control within the field. This is certainly no bit of extra desk mess: deploying it to navigate the OSD is just a thousand times easier compared to the solution of all monitors, that will be to make use of small buttons or perhaps a rear-mounted joystick in the monitor it self. The Agon professional PD32M comes with a back-up joystick, but I’ll choose its committed controller over any embarrassing behind-the-screen supply extending any time.

A hand holding the Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M's remote control.

The 1, 2, and 3 buttons can very quickly switch between various settings pages.

The stress with luxury brand name sticking their hands in technology equipment is the fact that you are able to find yourself having to pay more only for the title. Not aided by the PD32M: it is a pleasant searching display screen that, without inexpensive by itself, is pretty inexpensive because of its specifications and gratification. If you would like most of the rate and sharpness of the 4K / 144Hz monitor whilst additionally building a intensify on HDR, a Mini LED model similar to this could would you perfectly. Regardless if you’re not really a controls enthusiast.

On that note, the Agon professional PD32M additionally offers me personally tips for any other car-themed video gaming shows; possibly a BMW monitor that just works with regards to’s pushed up uncomfortably near to peripherals before it. Or perhaps a Tesla monitor that may take control playing a game title for you personally before bursting into flames.

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