Popular Steam Deck dock maker pulls upcoming design, claiming a competitor stole it

Peripherals maker Jsaux has established its delaying and redesigning its in the offing RGB Steam Deck dock, as reported by Gaming on Linux (starts in brand new tab). Jsaux alleges that its production partner leaked its design up to a competing business, which this competing business co-opting its design generated the choice to pull this product.

Valve has its in-house Steam Deck dock (starts in brand new tab) available, however with the long wait before it absolutely was released plus $90 price, it is a small high purchase. At the same time, any old USB-C hub is wonderful for linking a Deck to outside peripherals, and manufacturers like Jsaux have actually stepped into provide cheaper options to Valve’s docking place. We are fans regarding the business’s standard Deck dock (starts in brand new tab), though we suggest ponying up the additional ten dollars for the HB0603 (starts in brand new tab) model.

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