Each new Battlefield recreation messes with lessons not directly—Battlefield 3’s heresy was eliminating medics and giving defibrillators to the Assault class—however Battlefield 2042 went too far for some followers when it ditched lessons in favor of distinctive specialist characters. Maybe Battlefield followers are principled anti-individualists, or possibly they similar to issues how they have been—both approach, DICE has conceded. Lessons are on the best way again.

The Battlefield 2042 class system rework was introduced some time in the past as a part of DICE’s now year-long “we have heard you” quest to revamp the 128-player FPS in response to participant criticism. The studio has held onto a few of its choices—it hasn’t completely axed 128-player modes as a result of some gamers favor 64, or killed specialists altogether—however the total impact has been a walking-back of the most important modifications 2042 launched to the Battlefield sequence. 

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