modern warfare 2 santa sena map

Modern Warfare 2 players are receiving a “blast” on Santa Seña Border Crossing, a brand new map focused around explosive close-quarters fighting regarding US/Mexico edge. While many professional gamers are confused by way of a map in which everybody gets annihilated by explosions within the 1st moment, Santa Seña is welcomed by numerous players because of its simple design and tight gimmick.

Santa Seña breaks from the standard 3-lane framework of CoD map design, channeling players via a maze of abandoned sedans and jack-knifed semi vehicles. The thick traffic leads to an ridiculous quantity of explosive cars laid end to get rid of in an even more or less right line, each one of these abandoning a waist-high scrap heap to utilize as address.

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Each car explosion not merely deals life-threatening harm to anybody nearby, it kicks up an obscuring cloud of dirt and smoke, quickly changing Santa Seña from the minivan minefield right into a brutal, bumper-to-bumper shootout. 

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