Call of Duty: contemporary Warfare 2 is, generally, a fairly solid game. The firearms feel great, the multiplayer is lively, while the Geneva meeting violations are rendered in eye-popping 4K HDR. But players nevertheless have couple of complaints: perhaps not minimum that may be the game’s strange, very nearly iPad-like UI design because of its menus (starts in brand new tab).

In reality, players in MW2 have actually gotten therefore sick and tired of navigating the overall game’s different interfaces which they’ve started feverishly imagining brand new people. Players are accepting the camo menu (starts in brand new tab), the develop a course UI (starts in brand new tab), while the primary menu (starts in brand new tab). But my favourite—originally spotted by GamesRadar (starts in brand new tab)—is this from Reddit individual InterventX (starts in brand new tab). Like da Vinci at their drawing board, InterventX has imagineered an alternate UI for MW2 that trades from labyrinth of big, touchscreen-esque buttons for sleek, efficient, and parseable menu system.

this_is_what_i_wish_the_ui_would_look_like_made from r/ModernWarfareII

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