A dragon. Not a Mesopotamian one, but a dragon nonetheless.

In a global in which scammers are rife, and apparently enthusiastic about hacking innocent parties—like the Costa Rican health care system (starts in brand new tab)—in purchase to keep their information ransom for crypto money, we very nearly got excited as soon as we learned about spyware that intercepted scammers before they might benefit from their misdeeds. Regrettably, it is not all very good news.

Trend Micro (starts in brand new tab) outlines in a current post a parasitic risk star the business simply discovered. It has been called liquid Labbu, possibly as being a nod up to a Mesopotamian lion-dragon-like mythological creature (starts in brand new tab) created by the Jesus Enlil to eliminate the nuisance that mankind had become. Other Gods finished up cowering before it in which he finally delivered anyone to slay the beast which took 36 months, 90 days, plus time to bleed away.

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