Close up of Overwatch 2

While no hero will ever come near to my hours allocated to D.Va, i have taken a shine to aid figures since Overwatch 2 launched. While element of which created from necessity—queueing flex nowadays saddles help 95percent of time—part from it additionally arises from my love for orb-sniping omnic Zenyatta. Yes he is awfully squishy for hunk of steel, but he is a mighty effective healer and harm dealer in proper arms. It is this type of bummer, then, this game makes playing help therefore damn sucky.

With removing a tank plus brand new smaller group size, it is changed just how help needs to think. To be honest, we in fact like exactly what 5v5 did for help. Positioning is more vital now. Without any off-tank for me personally to cower at the rear of, i must in fact make use of my mind plus fall of spacial understanding. The change far from the ol’ dual shield and hunker-down way of Overwatch makes the part feel more impactful and engaging, constantly darting across the map to heal up flankers before going back to the security of tank. It feels as though the main part in game now, but that is additionally its undoing.

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