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  • The internet has made it very easy for people, and more so for buyers. Be it a mobile or a laptop, or even insurance, you can get various online tools that will help you get the correct insurance. But, how will you understand which insurance is better? That is an important question to ask and that is where Otto Insurance enters the picture.
  • Do you want to know more about the platform, Otto Insurance? If yes, we urge you to read this blog post till the end.
  • In this blog post, we will be telling you about Otto Insurance, how it functions, and Otto Insurance Review. We will also be answering a few of the most commonly asked questions about Otto.  

What is Otto Insurance?

  • You may ask us a question and that is “What is Otto Insurance?” Well, it is an online insurance tool that finds the best quotes matching your insurance requirements. It will not give you immediate insurance quotes but it transfers your information to its partners and affiliates across its network.

How does Otto Insurance function?

  • It is a simple tool to use but as already mentioned above, it does not provide you with an insurance quote there and then. It facilitates the process of quoting by transferring your personal information to insurance agents and then establishes a connection between you and the insurance agent. If you want to make use of the Otto Insurance platform, you need to visit its website at and select “Get Started Now”. After that, you will need to answer questions regarding yourself, your car, and your home, among others. Otto Insurance also needs to know another information and that is if you already have insurance. Don’t worry if you don’t. It will provide you with the lowest insurance quotes.

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  • You will now need to slowly complete your profile and while doing that Otto Insurance will ask you certain other questions. What will Otto ask? It will ask you about the vehicles you drive. You can fill up such information yourself or let Otto search for it online as it is public information. But, what if you don’t own a car and are looking for car insurance? You can easily skip this part.
  • Otto Insurance also asks other questions related to you but these questions are quite simple so you don’t need to fret. You need to fill up information such as your gender, marital status, whether you are a homeowner or not. It will also give you a much-needed option for saving money. What is that option? It will ask you about your preference – if you would prefer to get two-in-one insurance or insurance that consists of both home insurance and auto insurance.
  • Otto Insurance lets you know about discounts in no time. All this is fine. But, how will you connect with Otto’s insurance partner? You will need to select the option, “Get Your Free Quote”. By doing that you allow Otto or its partners to connect with you. By tapping the link, “marketing partners”, you will understand how big the Otto network is.
  • What after tapping “Get Your Free Quote”? Otto confirms the submission of your quote request and tells you that an agent will connect with you soon. Next, Otto Insurance will provide you with website links to two insurance firms so that you can compare them.

Otto Insurance Review

  • It is a good comparison tool but, you need to check online reviews of real customers. For as far as online reviews are concerned, you will find it extremely difficult to find positive reviews. Otto insurance website, however, has many positive reviews.

Most Commonly-asked Questions about Otto

  1. Is it a safe tool to use?

Ans. There’s not much information available on Otto Insurance. As already mentioned above reviews say, customers get hounded by phone calls and not insurance quotes. We can’t say if the company is safe as it does not have a listing on the Better Business Bureau but that’s not enough to call it unsafe either.

2. What are the types of insurance that can be compared by Otto?

Ans. The types of insurance that can be compared by Otto are life, home, and auto.


  • We hope you now have a fair amount of idea about Otto Insurance and its functioning. You need to conduct your own research before using any website – be it Otto or any other.

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