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  • There is not one online user these days who doesn’t use Instagram. Instagram is not only a popular photo-sharing platform but also a marketing tool for businesses to showcase their products and convert followers into buyers. Instagram comes up with new features every now and then to keep its million users glued to the app.
  •  Nowadays, brands post organic content to stay relevant, and therefore, brands should follow organic growth strategies to grow.
  •  In this post, we will be explaining why organic content is gaining popularity on Instagram, what some of the organic Instagram marketing tools are and what some important organic Instagram Growth strategies are.

Why is organic content gaining popularity on Instagram?

Brands promote organic content to spread brand awareness. When you have an app like Instagram which has 1 billion monthly users, you don’t need to look anywhere else to spread brand awareness. If you have organic content to showcase, Instagram is the perfect platform for the same as it ensures brand engagement. Why? When you have a platform for showcasing products and services and millions of followers, you automatically ensure brand engagement for your followers.

 What are some of the organic Instagram marketing tools?

You might be curious to know what some of the popular Instagram Marketing tools are. In this segment, we explain the Instagram marketing tools. Here they are:

1) Instagram feed – Do you have a jaw-dropping offer that you want everyone to know about? If yes, your organic post should feature in the users’ news feed so that they get to know about your offers and express their interest if they like the same.

 2) Instagram Stories – Are you thinking of coming up with a short video reel about your products? Go ahead with Instagram Stories to showcase your organic content as Instagram Stories engage a larger number of people.

 3) IGTV – Do you want to share a product tutorial video? Go for the long-form organic content platform Instagram TV where you can post organic content which can run for up to 60 minutes. By subscribing to your channel, followers can get notified about any future content that you post.

 4) Instagram Live videos – Do you wish to have a live interactive session with your followers to know how your organic content is doing on Instagram? You can do that with a one-hour-long Instagram live video.

What are some of the important organic Instagram growth strategies for your brand to work out?

Now that we know about Organic content on Instagram and some of the important organic Instagram marketing tools, let us dive into the part where we will explain the important organic growth strategies on Instagram for your brand to work out:

1)    Come up with a one-of-a-kind bio – It is through your bio that you can reach out to your followers at large and tell them about you, your products, and services. A captivating bio will make sure you stand out.

 2)    Post top-notch photos – The photos that you post will translate your company’s mission and vision which is why it is important to post top-notch photos. You can achieve the same by using professional cameras. Take a look at your bio and find out the photos that were liked the most by your followers. Post similar photos to stay on top of the race.

 3)    Post catchy captions – The captions that you post should also translate your company’s mission and vision. Make them catchy so as to draw followers and tempt them to comment on your posts. Be sure to respond to your followers when they comment on any of your posts.

 4)    Use hashtags to market your brand – Hashtags will make your organic content searchable and will categorize your post. Does your company manufacture gadgets? Go for a hashtag like #best gadgets that will make your gadgets searchable when followers look for gadgets.

 5)    Stay active – You can stay active on Instagram by posting organic content regularly. Make sure you don’t post too many things in a day. Stay active but don’t be desperate.

 6)    Engage with companies who are your competition – If you interact with your competitors’ posts, their followers will get to know about you too and might show interest in the similar products that you sell.

 7)    Join hands with Instagram Influencers – Are you new in business, and on Instagram? Don’t worry! You can join hands with Instagram Influencers to market your products and services to millions of their followers. This is the latest organic Instagram growth strategy that every brand is using these days.

 8)    Use other social media platforms to promote your Instagram account – If you are a content creator, you must be aware of this amazing organic growth strategy. How will your audience know that you exist on Instagram? You need to promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms so that your followers in those other platforms join you on Instagram too.

 9)    Use all the features that Instagram offers – As mentioned above, there are certain Instagram marketing tools that you should be aware of to promote your organic content. Use all these features to reach out to your targeted audience and stay in business!


The above organic Instagram growth strategies will come in handy if you are looking to expand your business. 

Use Instagram to promote your business!

Are you not using Instagram already? What are you waiting for? Use Instagram now! You already know the organic growth strategies that we have presented to work out on Instagram.

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