One of the surprise indie hits of the year leaves early access with a major update

Vampire Sur (starts in brand new tab)vivors studio Poncle stated in September your 1.0 launch up-date, set to reach on October 20, could be “a shock and may ideally give you a small one thing for everybody.” Now the top time will be here, and I also think it is reasonable to express your vow happens to be held.

Today’s 1.0 update (starts in brand new tab) did not have the typical general public beta procedure to prevent spoilers, Poncle stated, therefore a few things: First, in the event that you come across “any issues, frustrations, or balancing problems,” you are expected to please report them in either Discord (starts in brand new tab) and/or vapor discussion boards (starts in brand new tab); and 2nd, if you should be concerned with spoilers your self, you should stop reading now because up-date details will be published below.

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