Ok Google Not Working_ Here’s How to Fix it

We all are acquainted with the virtual assistant Ok Google. It is introduced to us by Google LLC. It offers you voice commands, voice searching and other features to complete many tasks after you utter the words “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” at your device. Not just your phone but with advanced settings you may use it in a wide range of devices such as speakers, vehicles, headphones, and many others. It is one of the efficient assistants among them since 2016. By your voice command, it may control your device. It can perform many tasks such as marking important dates on your device calendar, set up alarms for you, play and control music, recite the notifications you get on your device, make and accept calls for you, open apps and send messages, and many other.

Problems and their Solutions

Since 2016 it is performing outstandingly. Having this virtual assistant on our devices surely made our life easier. However, sometimes you might end up repeating “Ok Google” on your phone without getting a response. As much frustrating it is, there is no need to worry. There might be few reasons behind your problem but you don’t have to be a tech-wizard to solve this minor problem. Here are few solutions for your “Ok Google” dilemma: 

  • Check your surroundings. The assistant might be having some difficulties catching your command if you are in a crowded place or a loud surrounding. Also, check your microphone on your device. To know if you have any problems with your microphone, Open the app and look at the microphone sign appearing on the right side of the search bar. Now, notice whether that line is dotted. If not, then you may not have a microphone problem. But in case that line turns out to be dotted then your microphone might be causing the problem.

To fix this problem try inspecting the microphone hole to find if there is any scrap or debris in there. Try clearing the hole with something carefully. If that doesn’t fix it then have a look into the microphone settings in the app.

Also, try clearing the minimized apps on your device. Sometimes they might cause trouble for your assistant to catch your voice.

  • Look for the basics. Not trying to suggest the obvious, but your Assistant needs mobile data or Wi-Fi to work. So check your network connectivity.
  • Make sure you have your “Ok Google” voice detection turned on. If not, try opening the app and go to the settings and then into the Voice (under search) and look for the “voice match” option. Toggle on the feature and you’re all good and caught up. 
  • Make sure the language your Assistant responds to and the language you use to command your Assistant are the same. The default language for most users is English (US) but still double-check the language settings on your Google app. The reason it might not react to you is that you are commanding your Assistant in a different language.

Open the application and head straight into the main menu. Then go to the settings and the voice (under search). There you’d find the option to select the language(s) from the list.

  • Look for the possible updates for your Google app. To find out any updates you need to get into your Google Play Store and look for the app. Once you get the results, if you notice the option “Open” next to the name of your app then it is updated and optimized. But if there is “Update” instead of “Open” then you need to tap on “Update” and get the up-to-date version of it installed on your device.
  • Try clearing your app cache and data. Sometimes rearranging your assistant might just improve its efficiency. Go into your device settings and tap onto “Applications or Manage apps”. Then search for your Google Assistant, tap on it and it will provide you the option to clear the app data and cache. Once you do that, come back to your Google App and reset it with your voice command and let your assistant know your voice and set it up as well as fresh.
  • And for the very last step try restarting your device. Once again this may sound self-evident but there is no harm in restarting your device. Sometimes other tasks may interfere when your assistant is trying to identify your voice.

Make sure if any other “Ok Google” users are confronting with the same problems as you are. Sometimes there might be problems from the developer’s side

Conclusion:  And with this process, your dilemma will be solved in no time. Make sure to check all of these along with the obvious solutions and you will be just fine and be able to experience your Google Assistant effortlessly.

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