Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 on a green background

Prior on formal unveil of Nvidia’s RTX 40 show (starts in brand new tab), there have been some troubling rumors (starts in brand new tab) boating regarding their energy usage, specially the AD102 equipped RTX 4090. Fortunately, the absolute most outlandish of these rumors didn’t visited pass. We won’t be seeing 900W GPUs this generation, though there’s undoubtedly the 4090 Ti ahead, therefore never ever state never ever.

Nvidia posted an FAQ on its help web page (starts in brand new tab), plus it addresses the issues users could have regarding things like the minimum wattage needs, connector durability and compatibility with current energy materials. The underside line is apparently, when you yourself have a great quality power since satisfies the minimal wattage needs, it will all be hanging around.

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