No Man's Sky's new update is for space captains who 'just want to chill out'

No guy’s Sky strikes its next big “point zero” upgrade today, now by means of No guy’s Sky 4.0: Waypoint. Hello Games is guaranteeing “an overhaul of design and stability” inside spot, which presents a fresh ‘relaxed mode’, sweeping stock modifications, as well as other tweaks to greatly help those who have been from the overall game simplicity back. Oh, therefore the game’s obtaining a Switch launch too, if you should be into that.

The brand new relaxed mode guarantees to allow players meander through No guy’s Sky world at a, well, leisurely pace. It tones down the overall game’s success elements for players whom “only want to calm down”. It is essentially a stop-gap involving the game’s normal and imaginative modes: permitting players relax for the bit but without unlocking every thing and eliminating challenge nearly completely. Like to pay, survival mode has gotten some tweaks making it a little more challenging.

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