New PUBG Update in 2021


  • Since its introduction to the world of video games, PUBG has been the most sought-after game, especially in the battle royale genre. This is so even though its competitors can be played for free. If you are someone who loves playing PUBG despite the money that you have to play, we have some incredible news for you.PUBG has come up with a new update, 14.1 which is full of amazing new features and items.
  • If you are a PUBG fan, you will surely love this blog post. Buckle Up! You are in for a surprising ride.
  • In this post, we will be covering the newest update that PUBG has come up with in 2021.

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New PUBG Update (PUBG Patch 14.1) in 2021

  • You can now break pots!
  • Yes, you have read that right! You will see these breakable pots all over the map and you will need to break them all so that you can loot several items. You can either break the pots using a punch or a melee or even a gun. But, you have to be careful about one thing. The sound of pots breaking may alert your enemies. These breakable pots will be there right in front of you in normal, ranked, or even custom matches. Listed below are the items that these pots will spawn after being broken:

List of Spawned Items

1) Medical Items:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Bandage
  • Adrenaline Syringe
  • Painkillers

2) Boost Items:

  • Energy Drink
  • Frag Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade

3) Throwable Items:

  • Stun Grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail

Error Space

  • This feature is exclusive to maps as far as Taego is concerned. All you need to do is gather other weapons and supplies that are exclusive to maps so that they are spawned within these zones in a random manner. The minimap will show these zones randomly and these zones will be active till the match ends. Custom Match game mode allows you to set the number of error spaces and also set the spawning probability that these error spaces will have.

Taego Updates

Some of the improvements made for the areas having a 75% or more win rate:

  • Cover has been added to the mountain area which is north of the palace and the river area which is located east of the Terminal.
  • The height of the Cliffside terrain which is north of the BukSan Sa area has been corrected.
  • The topography area around the School area has been reorganized.
  • The cliff topography of the whole of the coast of Redline has also been corrected.
  • Rocks around the Blueline lighthouse have been removed.
  • Flat terrain curves have been added to Magenta Zone, the cover has been added to Sky Blue Zones and trees have been added to the hillside.


  • School, Hospital, and the Starting Island area have been decorated with a Halloween touch.
  • You will also see Halloween-colored weather, with its own moon color and fog in certain areas.
  • Care Package, Smoke Color are now tinted in Halloween colors.
  • Mummy Coffins have been added at School, Hospital, and the Starting Island.
  • These Halloween updates are available in normal and custom matches.


  • With the Carry feature, you can be brave and carry an ally to save them.
  • This feature however will block your movement allowing you to only hip fire while carrying your allies.
  • All maps have the Carry feature.

Map Rotation

  • For normal matches – Miramar, Erangel, Taego, Paramo, Sanhok.
  • For ranked matches – Miramar, Erangel, Paramo, Taego

Changes in Comeback

  • The changes in comeback include a warning message that you get in case you try to leave while observing. Your squadmates will see brighter nicknames for comeback battle royale. The strong vehicle stats have been adjusted. The vehicle named Pony Coupe now has a 130 km/h maximum normal speed and 140 km/h maximum boost speed. The boosted speed of the Porter vehicle has now been kept at 120 km/h instead of 130 km/h.

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  • These were the new features that have come with the newest update (Patch 14.1) of PUBG. In addition to these, improvements have also been made to the UI, Erangel map, season rewards, and a lot more. So, enjoy the updated version and be the last man standing!


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