New Leaks of PUBG: New State Game

Basic Introduction PUBG: New State Game

  • PUBG: New State game has been much talked about in gaming circles these days. All the social media platforms are filled with leaks regarding the game. Online users now have an idea of the release date and the trailer of the upcoming game, all thanks to leaks made by PlayerIGN, a leading data miner. Let’s talk in detail about the release date leaks and some newer leaks that are doing the rounds on the internet.
  •  If you are a PUBG game fan, you have landed on the right blog post.
  •  In this post, we will be covering all the new leaks of the PUBG: New State Game.

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All about PUBG: New State Game Leaks

  • Krafton had let fans know that the PUBG: New State game will be released later this year, i.e. 2021. Players got to explore various features and game aspects during the game’s alpha tests that were held.
  • PlayerIGN has brought a smile to the faces of fans, who are eagerly waiting for the release of the game, by leaking out the release date and trailer on PlayerIGN’s Twitter handle. According to the leak, the PUBG: New State Game will see a November 11, 2021, global release. The game will be made available for both Android and iOS platforms. Fans are waiting for the release eagerly. As per other sources, the game could even be released in October 2021.

PUBG: New State 40m Pre-register

  • A special mention must be made about the unique pre-registration reward, which is a Limited Vehicle Skin (Permanent). Whoever has completed the pre-registration process will have the right to claim this reward. If you wish to get the reward at no cost, you can register yourself and get the same after the release of the game.
  • As per the leaked PUBG: New State trailer, the players will get a Troi map. As per the video, we also get confirmation of the fact that the Erangel map will be one of the first maps in the PUBG: New State game.

PUBG: NEW State Technical Test

  • The PUBG: New State game will be set in 2051 and is said to amuse players with a variety of modern weapons, vehicles, drones, and more. Krafton is committed to providing enhanced graphics and visual effects, which will be brought about by the revolutionary Global Illumination Technology. Players are also in for a surprise as far as realistic and dynamic gameplay is concerned.

PUBG: New State weapon fares as we compare recoil and spray performances

  • It is said that the PUBG: New State Game will also have interesting mechanics which will include dodging, drone calls, support requests, new vehicles, an 8×8 open world, and a lot more.
  • As far as the Indian market is concerned, there are reasons to rejoice as PUBG will be back in India and the pre-registrations have also started. For the unversed, the Indian Government had banned PUBG following privacy breach concerns. That chapter seems to be a closed one now. Although we expect the makers to have legal provisions so that the new game is not banned.

PUBG: New state UI and battle pass mission leaks

PUBG: New state UI and battle pass mission leaks
  • PUBG: New State will have the standard weapons as well as new and exciting weapons. As per the leaks made by PUBG New State News, the latest weapons are QBZ, WIN 94, QBU, MP5K, and G36C.

PUBG New State Inventory

  • As per leaks made by some sources, the PUBG: New State game will have a Royale Pass which will be similar to that of PUBG: Mobile. But, it is going to be a monthly pass that will feature a story mode throwing light on the game’s theme and the journey of the special characters. The monthly pass will commence at the start of the month and end at the end of it. As per the sources, the special characters are 4 different characters that are playable. They are also believed to have special abilities to showcase.
  • As per leaks, players will also be allowed to buy NCs that are alternatives to the UCs as in the PUBG: Mobile game. Players can buy their monthly Royale Pass using these NCs.

PUBG New State in-game Monetization

  • PUBG: New State is a completely free game. When it comes to monetization, it’s evident that Krafton will offer Royale Pass in the same way as PUBG Mobile does. NC will be the in-game money in PUBG: New State. On the Apple App Store listing, the NC’s prices were exposed. The following are their prices:
  • 60 NC ₹ 89
  • 180 NC ₹ 269
  • 5900 NC ₹ 8,900
  • 1500 NC ₹ 1,799
  • 600 NC ₹ 899
  • 2950 NC ₹ 4,499
  • Like PUBG Mobile, there are crate coupons. We don’t yet know if there will be different types of containers. Mission cards are also available to help you complete the assignments. Chicken coin is a completely new coin that may be gained by destroying duplicate things that look extremely similar to silver bits.
  • It is also believed that the Royale Pass missions will have a 4-week division. As a player, you will be required to complete the mission of each week and progress to reach the Royale Pass reward tier.

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  • The final release of the PUBG: New State game will put an end to all rumors and speculations. Therefore, all we can do as of now is “Wait and Watch”.

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