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Top 17 New Free Android Games You Must Play

Top 17 New Free Android Games

Google Play Store is packed with an assortment of games enveloping various kinds and taking different diverse play styles into account. Thus, without burning through anything else of your valuable time, we should bounce directly into our rundown of 17 new free Android games you should attempt!

You’ll discover everything from the easygoing arcade and puzzle games which you can jump out when you’re taking a quick break at work, or severe methodology and activity games which you can crush the entire day and arrive at the highest point of the positioning stepping stool.

17 Free Android Games 2021 You Must Play

  • Bouncy Break

Bouncy Break is a simple but interesting game with an unusual summer atmosphere. You’ve to rebound a ball onto the lighter-hued tiles to break them. Bouncy Break is a basic yet fun game with an extraordinary summery-vibe.

  • Stickman Soccer 2018

Stickman Soccer 2018 is certainly what that name says it is, a variety of stick guys going round a field, gambling soccer. With better designs, less complicated controls, and a massive load of replay esteem. You can pick your one soccer group to play different seasons, public alliances, cups, or even the World Cup 2018.

  • Connection

The riddles get more troublesome with each progressive level, and the engineer asserts that assuming you’re ready to finish level 200, you have the intelligence level of a virtuoso!

  • Army of Robots

Army of robots attack your quick environmental factors, and you need to hold your ground while you bring them down individually. Significantly, the game will work on a device that authoritatively supports Google’s ARCore structure.

  • Horizon

Horizon is a basic perpetual sprinter where you’re controlling a spaceship as it goes through a capricious arrangement of snags. You can spend the XP focuses on opening 40 exceptional spaceships and 25 distinct paths. Skyline is an ideal game for brief breaks, yet similar to other unlimited sprinters; it can get exhausting sooner or later.

  • Bruce Lee Dragon Run

The game likewise has special extra zones in which Lee changes into a freakin’ mythical beast! The goal of the game is straightforward; you need to continue running while at the same time gathering coins in transit, which can be utilized to open sixteen playable characters.

  • Tank Stars

You can decide to play against computer-based intelligence, with companions or even online against irregular players, and obliterate everybody that crosses your way. The game has extraordinary bright illustrations, an assortment of settings and energizing impacts to keep you connected consistently.

  • Ghost Pop

Ghost Pop! Is a pleasant, speedy shooter where you take on swarms of apparitions with your trusty flashlight. You’ll need to gather coins as you progress in advance and spend them on redesigning your harm, your electric lamp’s battery life and basic hit details.

  • CrossFire: Legends

The game conveys extraordinary designs in a bit of bundle and gloats of an exact control framework that permits players to point out precisely. The play highlights the mainstream fight royale mode.

  • Dragon Ball Legends

The game highlights genuinely straightforward controls, permitting you to release all around coordinated combos and exceptional moves at simply the dash of a finger.

  • Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is an epic blend of a multiplayer first-individual shooter with pretending components that takes you through an exciting effort, centre missions and attacks with companions, genuine-time PvP fights, and an entire pack of customizations to make your character your own.

  • Eden Obscura

The game uses your cell phone’s camera to create intelligent, unique visualizations that, joined with the upbeat electronic music, will carry you nearer to your imaginative side.

  • The Elder Scrolls: Legends

There are more than 140 famous cards in the game, with characters from “Advanced Parchment III: Morrowind” and its predecessor “Advanced Parchment: Online”.

  • Paladins Strike

Paladins Strike brings more than 15 bosses to an ongoing 5v5 fight with an elevated perspective. You can browse different game modes and rout your adversaries utilizing your abilities and predominant vital strategies.

  • Space Pioneer

Space Pioneer is an excellent combination of room investigation and fights methodology, which permits you to play the job of an intergalactic outsider shooter, investigating the universe, finding new planets, and taking out all outsiders who hinder you.

  • Donuts Drift

Donuts Drift is a basic yet fun monochrome game where you assume responsibility for a vehicle and float doughnuts around impediments, gathering coins and fuel all the while.

  • Pako 2

This is an arcade dashing game in which you assume the part of a rescue vehicle driver. Toned tiles to break them. He must lead his team and ensure their safety without being caught by the police.

Conclusion: All things considered, that closes our rundown of the 17 new free Android games that you should take a stab at on your cell phones.

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