Netflix Secret codes


  • Netflix is a popular online platform for watching hundreds of TV shows and movies. It has many genres of TV shows and movies that entertain thousands of online users. However, there are many subgenres of movies and TV shows that are hidden and have cheat codes through which interesting content can be unlocked.
  • If you love watching content online on Netflix, this post is surely going to interest you.
  •  In this post, we will be covering what Netflix codes are, how they can be used, how secret codes can be found, and what some of the secret codes are.

What are Netflix secret codes?

Before explaining what Netflix secret codes are, let us explain how you can access different genres on Netflix. You just need to go to the TV show or Movies section, and click on the drop-down menu “Genres”. However, Netflix also has many sub-genres that many are not aware of and that can be accessed through Netflix secret codes.

You will see web pages where titles are listed based on the genres and sub-genres they belong to. The genre can be horror, comedy, drama, action, and others. You can also have access to sub-genres like all Chris Hemsworth movies, etc. These can be accessed through the URL of the web pages that contain some codes specific to a particular genre. This code is Netflix’s secret code.

Do you always end up watching some XYZ show instead of the show you want to watch? Don’t worry Netflix secret codes will give you access to only those shows that you genuinely want to watch.

How will you be able to use Netflix secret codes?

You must know that IDs are assigned to genres and sub-genres on Netflix and you can have access to the content by going to their pages that contain a URL along with a number, which is the secret code.

How does the URL look like? It looks like the following:                     

We will explain with the help of an example. For example, Slapstick Comedies have been assigned an ID number of 10256. The URL for the same will look something like this:

 How can you find the secret codes on Netflix?

We know how tough it is going to be to manually type the links. To ease your pain, we have a solution. Why don’t you bookmark the page so that you can access it the next time you wish to watch content belonging to that genre? However, you might also be interested to take a look at a different category. You can use some browser extensions like Netflix Categories and FindFlix that can help you have access to all the genres and sub-genres easily.

It might take up a lot of your valuable time to manually go through the list of Netflix codes. Don’t worry as you can follow this simple step: Click on the recommendation given by Netflix at the top and you will have access to new content. As mentioned above, each category has a specific code assigned to it. Go through the URL and you will see the code assigned to the particular category. Isn’t it simple? Well, it is.

Brace yourselves as here is a list of some of the Netflix secret codes:

Action Comedies: 43040

Asian Action Movies: 77232

Anime Dramas: 452

Children & Family: 783

Disney: 67673

Kids’ TV: 27346

Classic action & adventure: 46576

Classic romantic movies: 31273

Classic dramas: 29809

Classic comedies: 31694

Slapstick comedies: 10256

Stand-up Comedy: 11559

Teen Comedies: 3519

Documentaries: 6839

Sports documentaries: 180

Dramas: 5763

Horror: 8711

Music: 1701

Romantic: 8883

Sci-fi & Fantasy: 1492

Sports: 4370

Thrillers: 8933

TV Shows: 83

Indian movies: 10463

Miniseries: 4814

Korean TV shows: 67879

Food & travel: 72436

World music concerts: 2856


Here we have presented everything about Netflix secret codes for you to have an idea about what they are and how they can be accessed. This will help you to have access to the content that you would like to watch to make your online movie and show streaming process more fun.

Check out Netflix secret codes and unlock interesting content

Now that you know how to access Netflix secret codes, check them out by typing in the URL link as shown above and unlock interesting content with just a click.

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