Neon White Review - Holy Hell

In 2021, while interviewing creator Ben Esposito about then-upcoming Neon White, he explained he had beenn’t wanting to produce a game attracting every person. He desired Neon White to interest “really certain individuals.”

Put another method, as Esposito stated in another of the overall game’s trailers, it is a game designed for “freaks.”

I reckon that makes me personally a freak, then. Because Neon White is my personal favorite game I played all 12 months – with a big margin.

You assume the part of Neon White; a dead assassin pulled from Hell for the divine competition. Demons overrun paradise, therefore the abilities that be task White plus host of damned with cleaning the mess. The banished heart using the most useful – and quickest – rating wins the chance to invest eternity in paradise. They are doing this by operating as soon as possible through different districts regarding the Pearly Gates, blowing away demons by having a varying toolbox of heavenly firearms. 

With uncommon exceptions, playing through anyone degree of Neon White takes lower than a moment. From jump, it stresses you play as soon as possible constantly. Additionally emphasizes replaying amounts for increasingly better times. Operating and leaping feel exceptional; they truly are fluid, fast, and present the feeling of drifting on top of a degree. 

But oahu is the firearms in which Neon White shines. You choose up firearms via cards strewn in a very degree, each having two functions. The foremost is merely shooting. The 2nd, but could be the discard choice, which grants White a short platforming benefit. Discarding pistols provides a dual jump, shotguns blast you into the way you are dealing with, rifles straight ahead, SMGs deliver you hurtling toward the bottom, and rocket launchers provide a grapple shot. 

Levels need mastery of most these choices; you have to run, shoot, jump, and make use of discards at exactly the right minute to achieve your location, while additionally killing every demon in an even. We enjoyed attempting and retrying amounts over and over repeatedly until At long last got the blend of techniques proper, after which We enjoyed, more, wanting to whittle my times down seriously to the “Ace” rating. My heart ended up being frequently securely lodged within my neck when I crossed the conclusion line, and couple of things feel much better than besting my times by literal tenths of the 2nd.

From its technical foundation, Neon White is made round the concept of speedrunning. Over that, it seems created around YouTube videos of speedrunners breaking games, traveling through amounts with pinpoint precision just like a well-armed ballerina. Specially in its straight back half, you are going to feel because cool as those videos look. 

Flying over enemies, shooting while you rocket above their minds, delivering your self plummeting to planet to slip across slim ledges, grappling your path back in the stratosphere, then utilizing explosions to jump around to your complete line. Carrying it out all in literally moments without any errors, experiencing effortless just like you’ve practiced for decades, not only 15 to 20 mins; this is the base of Neon White, perhaps not entirely the high-level play. It is remarkable for such accurate and intricate game play to feel therefore effortless, but Neon White brings it well anyway turns. It is the most fun games I played in years. 

In reality, i cannot stop playing it. Almost 30 hours in, i’ve no intends to stop until we obtain an Ace ranking in almost every degree. Fortunately, the particular level design is top-notch and, save your self for just two or three exceptions, hardly ever difficult. I’m nevertheless traveling through game, beating all my past times and loving just about any 2nd. We also value the international leaderboards, an individual very first, when I don’t believe I ever compensated much focus on positioning in every other game. 

we also love Neon White’s stupid-but-charming tale – that White racking your brains on why he and their group of other assassins are dead. It labored on me personally over We expected. Considering that the tale’s told via artistic novel, we felt compelled to explore every character’s storyline, providing them with gift ideas to unlock brand new discussion and sidequests. In moments of weakness, We also laughed at obnoxious discussion like whenever Neon Violet stated Neon White had been a good man, “the type which will get a woman’s spit together with his lips!”


It additionally assists that aesthetically Neon White scratches certain and neglected itches. It’s similar to Japanese action games that do not actually occur any longer, like Killer7 and El Shaddai: Ascension regarding the Metatron. It recalls anime like Trigun and Cowboy Bebop and music from now-defunct bands like Drop Dead, Beautiful additionally the bloodstream Brothers. Its heavenly-yet-violent aesthetic is slick, striking, and packed with mindset. Like tee-shirt portion of a Hot Topic and anime aisle of the Suncoast movie collided into both. Imaginable 480p AMVs of Neon White playthroughs set to “The Show should carry on” or “Love Rhymes With Hideous automobile Wreck.” Imaginable seeing young ones in brightly-colored Neon White tops at a flavor of Chaos trip date. Hell, Steven Blum also voices White! 

If some of which means any such thing for you, you might be the “really certain” individual for who Esposito made this game. In the event that above checks out just like a various language, you will probably nevertheless enjoy Neon White, nevertheless’re scarcely one of the keys demographic. 

Neon White achieves every thing it sets away to with remarkable success. It is not only the most entertaining experiences I played in years, but inaddition it talks up to a very certain market numerous simply do not any longer. It is for weirdos, misfits, and dorks. Neon White is among the most useful games of the season, plus it’d be described as a colossal blunder not to ever investigate for yourself. 

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