Bannerlord companions

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord will finally keep very early access on October 25 (starts in brand new tab), but before it can, designer TaleWorlds Entertainment is rolling away several spots and hotfixes to prep the wedding day. The newest adds Steam Workshop help (starts in brand new tab) toward sometimes-buggy, always-brilliant medieval mercenary simulator.

Until now, a good option to get Mount & Blade 2 mods is the Nexus Mods website (starts in brand new tab), which you’ll want to most likely be aware of if you have modded just about any game within the last 10 years. For the time being—about couple of hours after Bannerlord got Workshop help at time of writing—that’s nevertheless the scenario, you could bet that numerous of game’s big mods will migrate from Nexus to Steam pretty quickly. It is a much more convenient a subscription up to a mod on Steam than it really is to futz around with mod supervisors, whether or not the Workshop can be quite a little more restricted.

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