Moonbreaker (starts in brand new tab), the following task from Subnautica devs Unknown Worlds, got its very first content spot today, and it’s really a doozy. Responding to community feedback, Unknown Worlds has “entirely overhauled business model” associated with the game to eliminate all monetisation and in-game acquisitions.

“Based in your ongoing feedback, our company is re-aligning to create Moonbreaker better mirror our Early Access objectives,” see the spot records (starts in brand new tab), prior to going to include your game is going to be entirely disabling its in-game shop, which players who possess purchased Pulsars—the purchasable in-game currency—will have actually their acquisitions immediately refunded for their Steam wallets. Blanks and Merits, the overall game’s non-purchasable currencies, are increasingly being changed into a money called Sparks, that can be accustomed update your devices’ rarity (which will be it self just a aesthetic impact).

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