Minecraft 1.20 -

At the 2022 Minecraft Live (starts in brand new tab) occasion, Mojang unveiled some key information regarding the future 1.20 revision the long-lived success game, and its in the offing launch screen in springtime of 2023. Mojang additionally announced your revision’s very first playable features and snapshots will be available “several days from now,” and unveiled the champion of its 2022 mob vote (starts in brand new tab): The noble and honorable Sniffer.

Contrary to past big updates, Mojang hasn’t yet known as 1.20, and rather hopes to contour and characterize it in discussion with all the community. The designer did expose a few of the brand new features on your way, including seven brand new standard skins alongside the classic Steve. Mojang hopes this may enable players to feel represented in game and never having to straight away check out customized choices, and also will be characterizing the newest standard figures and including them advertising similarly to Steve.

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